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22 April 2016

Meant to Be Played Louder than Bombs

A psychopomp is a guide for souls to the place of the dead.

Psychopomps were a Danish coldwave band formed by Flemming Norre Larsen & Jesper Schmidt in 1991. Much of their best known early material ("Godshit", "Pub Ban (Trash Can Dance)", "Drunk City", "Baby-Terror, Baby") were re-released in 2014 on the Infection Start 90 collection.

Fiction Non Fiction is the last actual studio release by the band, with some great material & three fantastic cover songs. They even added Kaare Mogensen on guitar & bass to augment the electro-industrial sound, with excellent results.

If anyone is interested in this group, I also have the OOP Six Six Six Nights in Hell (a different sort of beast for sure, from 1995) on request.

Psychopomps – Fiction Non Fiction, Zoth Ommog CD ZOT206, 1997.
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Tracklist   –

The Infinite Road
Sweet Taste of Love
I Love You Love Me Love (Gary Glitter cover)
Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum cover)
Venus in Furs (Velvet Underground cover)
Black Out

Hail Natas!

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