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On any post, if the link is no longer good, leave a comment if you want the music re-uploaded. As long as I still have the file, or the record, cd, or cassette to re-rip, I will gladly accommodate in a timely manner all such requests.

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19 April 2016

Fifty Shades of Dog

The Stooges
The 7 Stooges
Space Negros
Katharina Nuttall
Calling All Astronauts
The Merry Thoughts
Anti Pasti
Dakar & Grinser
British Electric Foundation (featuring Boy George)
Los Futuristas
Mephisto Waltz
Alejandro Escovedo
Joan Jett
Radio Birdman
The White Stripes
Pere Ubu
Psychonaut 4
Sid Vicious
Richard Hell
Emilie Simon
Soul Wax
Sister Chain & Brother John
Miss Kittin & The Hacker
David Bowie
Ai Laika
Nebulous State
Ascii Disko
Dead Generation
Meat Puppets
Atari Teenage Riot
Inside the Mind
GG Allin
The Toads!
Sex Pistols
Eril Lindgren
Uncle Tupelo
Gary Oldman
Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13
Sonic Youth
Unter Gluck
Tanz Ohne Musik
Iggy Pop

Arf! Arf!


  1. Dude, this is way fucking cool. Thnx.

  2. I know (own) several of these versions but I'm surprised I hadn't heard some of the others such as Slayer, ATR and GG Allin...how the hell did I miss these???


    1. & yet this is but a sampling. There are countless others.

      Thanks for the comment(s).

  3. Wow, did you put this together yourself, Nathan?

  4. Yes sir, I did.

    In August of last year I posted up American Taboo. I remarked in the following post (Art Phag) that I had ventured into a terrifying folder I had ominously designated "Musick that NEEDS WORK".

    I decided to dip in, fix the issues, & post the results as I saw fit. I got through the alphabet to F by the end of last year.

    In March I kinda got back to it with the Garbage Collector - 1988 release.

    Well, I reached letter I the other day & found a mind-numbing mess that had been growing for years...collected versions of "I Wanna Be Your Dog". I rolled up my sleeves, dug in, & went to work. I believe there were a total of 78 version, which I pared down to the above 50 (some versions were beyond repair & some just weren't worth fixing). It was just one of those crazy ideas, but now it's down & I have been able to move on.

    I guess that's the long answer to a succinct question.

  5. I recently saw this kind of compilation referred to as a "song swarm".

    1. Hey, I think I like that...song swarm. How about a blog of nothing but song swarms.

  6. Thanks for this!
    Am listening to it presently as I write. Your blog is superb and I have already helped myself to a fair bit of what you have posted. I especially appreciate the Ut posting as I used to have several of them on vinyl and have sorely missed 'em... and the reggae.. beautiful.

    1. Thank you for the glowing endorsement. Hope you find much to enjoy. Any problems with files, let me know. Live free!