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19 December 2016

Back in Style Hot We Hot Roots Radics 2-fer

From 1989, Roots Radics roots reggae & Dub. I left Hot We Hot in its original playing order, adjusted Hot We Hot Dub so that the songs match up. Taken from: Roots Radics – Hot We Hot, Real Authentic Sound RAS 3045C, 1989 & Roots Radics – Hot We Hot Dub, ROIR (Reachout International Records) A-171, 1989.

Roots Radics – Hot We Hot & Dub
decryption code in comments

tracklist –

1-2 Hot We Hot / Dub
3-4 Mix Me Up / Dub
5-6 Joy to the World / Dub
7-8 Shuffle the Deck / Reshuffle Dub
9-10 Me For You / Dub
11-12 Don’t Turn Me Down / Dub
13-14 Book of Love / Dub
15-16 Watch Your Step / Dub
17-18 Come Out of We Land / Dub
19-20 Nice to Be with You / Dub



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  2. We survived 2016. My wish for '17 is that this time next year we're back here in the comments section laughing about how scared we were and how silly that all was.

    Peace and Love to you and yours.


  3. Hey. Just crawled out of Absentia to wish you and yours a happy new year.

  4. Thanks for the New Year's messages from dear friends.

    -Xtm - Wish that could be true, but I have my own belief that Repub packed Washington will move so fast to change our lives that we won't even be able to keep up with all of it as our heads spin. Hope the white-trash DT Klan fans enjoy the new wealth they don't have.

    ib - so good to hear from you. you disappear into Absentia & I worry greatly but have learned now just to wait & hope for the best. If you still have my email, send me your address or put it here in a comment (I moderate & will not publish it). I did an anniversary issue of my old 'zine EAT POOP! for a reunion music show in San Johaze & I included a couple of excerpts from Brotherhood of Dub. I'd like to send you some copies.

    (you too, -Xtm, if you're interseted in such trash)

    I'll be back somewhere down the line after the DT I woke up with this year clear a bit.

    Crawling back under the covers now. Adios.