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03 December 2016


Gareth Sager and Davy Henderson have had similar careers.  Both are veterans of influential post-punk bands (Henderson helmed the Fire Engines).  Both took a shot at the pop charts (Sager with Head, and Henderson with his trio Win).  Each then forged his own eclectic path (Henderson with The Nectarine No.9, and Sager with Pregnant and CC Sager).   Both have been deeply influenced by the "formal eccentricities" of Sun Ra and Captain Beefheart.  

Gareth Sager joined The Nectarine No. 9 for two albums.  Henderson sang three songs on Sager's solo album, Slack Slack Music.  The Nectarine No. 9 performed CC Sager's "Johnny Bristol Flu" during their recent reunion shows, and they once covered Head's "Tiger Tiger" (see Chapter 1).

"That guitar player from Bristol, the one who used to be in Head" was poet Jock Scot's collaborator on The Caledonian Blues, just as "Davy fucking Henderson" and the NN9 backed Jock Scot on his debut album, My Personal Culloden.  Sager and Scot performed a cover of Cockney Rebel's "Faith Healer" with a band called Port Sulphur.   Jock Scot died this year, and a documentary on his life called "Services To Rock And Roll" is in the making.

Much of Sager and Henderson's music was released by The Creeping Bent Organisation:  Slack Slack Music, CC Sager's The Last Second Of Normal Time, the Port Sulphur single. and several records by the NN9 and Henderson's current band The Sexual Objects.

In 2010, Gareth Sager reunited with his Pop Group bandmates Mark Stewart, Bruce Smith, and Dan Catsis.  The quartet released an album of new songs last year, and another this year.  Sager continues to perform with Davy Henderson and other Creeping Bent confederates, sometimes backing Vic Godard.  This brings us to the present day, and the closing chapter of our Sager saga.

Tracklist -
 Silver Street Blues (with Jock Scot)
On Fire Stickers (with The Nectarine No.9)
Misunderstanding (with Jock Scot)
The Unfunkadelic (with the NN9)
Trip to Butlins (with Jock Scot)
Pong Fat 6 (with the NN9)
Winching Advice (with Jock Scot)
It's Raining for Some Cloudy Reason (with the NN9)
Blues in the Company of Angels (with Jock Scot)
(sic) (with the NN9)
Grunge Girl Groan (Jock Scot complains about Sager)
The Faith Healer (Port Sulphur feat. Jock Scot & Gareth Sager)
Dollar Hungry (with Davy Henderson)
Not Since the Accident (with Davy Henderson)
Her Saucepan is Rouge (with Davy Henderson)
The Johnny Bristol Flu (The NN9 covers CC Sager)
S.O.P.H.I.A. (The Pop Group)
Shadow Child (The Pop Group)
City of Eyes (The Pop Group)
War Inc. (The Pop Group)
Burn Your Flag (The Pop Group)

Thaaats All, Folks,


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