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17 December 2016

The Babylon Saga: the Sequel – Babylon A'falling (by popular vote)

The End of an American Dream…

…so, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell,
Blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

& did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
& did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage? 

The End of an American Dream – Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Mash Down Babylon (with the Chosen Brothers) – Rhythm & Sound
Babylon Dub 1 – Paul Fox
Bad Minded Dub – Leroy Smart
A Living Version – The Aggrovators
Crazy World – Panda Dub
Babylon Attack – Far East Band
Dub Struggle – Vibronics
Take Cover – Israel Vibration
Settle Babylone – Winston McAnuff & the Bazbaz Orchestra
Babylon Fall Dubwize – Negritage
Sufferation Dub – Brain Damage / Vibronics
Babylonia – Pressure Dub Sound
Babylon Dub 2 – Augustus Pablo
Dub Mi Nuh Babylon – Ackboo
Babylon River Dub – Alien Dread
Chant Down the Walls of Babylon – Social Living Sound
National Style – Little Axe
Burning Babylon Down Vibes – Akila Barrett & the Wailers Band
Babylon Dub 3 – Vibronics
House of Sin (remix) – Lee 'Scratch' Perry
War Zone – Sly & Robbie
Darkest Night Version – The Chuckles

Money is not Our God (Babylon Dub) – Killing Joke
Stop & Frisk – Ted Sirota / Scientist
You Lie Dub – King Culture
Fuck the Racists (Cosmopolitan mix) – Anima Sound System
No Government – Iries in Roots
Tribulation Dub – Mafia & Fluxy
War & Crime Dub – Val Dawa (Dawa Hifi)
Dub Missiles Against NWO – Miniman
Hypocrisy Dub (live Version) – Soul Majestic
Stop the Dub Fight – Leroy Smart
Mugger in the Hi-Wah – Soferno B
To Be Rich Should Be a Crime – Jeb Loy Nichols
Hazard Dub – Aldubb
Dub Over Evil (featuring Murray Man) – Miniman
De System – Mutabaruka
Police Brutality Dub – Fred Locks
Gun Too Hot – Dub Syndicate
Dub the Government – Sly & Robbie
Stop Your Lying Dub – Alpha & Omega
Empire’s Falling – Dub Syndicate
Radical Intruder – Black Out
I Shot the Sheriff Dub – The Wailers
Dub in the Time of War – S.O.J.A. (Soldiers of Jah Army)

Days Ain't Bright (Gary Clunk remix) – Ackboo featuring Horace Andy
Dubbing Against Oppression – Fred Locks
Healing of the Nations – Roots Tonic meets Bill Laswell
Dub Mightier Than the Sword – Alpha & Omega
Warrior in the Dub – Dub Engine
Throw Down Your Gun – Dub Syndicate
Break Free Dub – Yami Bolo
Dub Revolution (Raw Shaka mix) – The Disciples
Dub Freedom – Michael Rose
Tear Down the Walls – Black Roots
Throw Away Your Guns/Whatchagonadoonthejudgementday – Suns of Arqa (featuring Prince Far I)
Rastafari Army – Brother Culture
Declaration of Peace – Miniman
Dub Revolution - Dub Presidents
Sounds of Freedom – The Rootsman
Underprivileged Dub – Leroy Smart
Heal the Nation Dub – Scientist
Struggle Dub – Black Roots
Warrior Dub – Celt Islam (featuring the Renegade Sufi)
None Shall Escape the Dubment – Johnny Clarke
Where from Here – Little Axe
We Need a Solution – Tokyo Tower
I Wish You Were Here – Alpha Blondy

A 23 Skidoo Joint Drop,


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