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02 December 2016

Don the Mask : These are the Conscious Sounds

Next will be the fourth installment of the Gareth Sager Saga(r). & yes, I'm going to see Pere Ubu next Wednesday. Fiddling while Rome burns. WTF!!!

Anonymous – Anonymous in Dub, Conscious Sounds AN01, 2015.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
We Are Anonymous
Hacktivist Dub
Guy Fawkes
Freedom of Speech
Cyber Surveillance

Side B –
Man Without a Head
Decentralized Dub
Cyber Attack
No Leadership
Disambiguation Dub

We are Legion,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
expect us,



  1. !We Are Nearing THE END!

  2. This Pere Ubu tour was entitled "Coed Jail: 1975 - 1982". They started with "Heart of Darkness" & it just kept climbing from there. David uses a cane & sits in a chair, but the fire his still burning strong. He drank a bottle of some great looking dark red wine during the course of the almost two hour show. He proceeded on getting ever more toasted & his between-song stories got funnier & funnier. I've never heard Ubu do an encore in all my times seeing them, but this time I guess David needed to piss, 'cuz they left the stage, then the band returned for a brief noodling session, then the man himself returned for a rousing & extended encore of "Final Solution". It was in all a magickal night.