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14 August 2022

More Dubnology

Everyone seems to be enjoying Dubnology: Journey into Outer Bass. 

Here is the follow-up.

Various - Dubnology 2: Lost in Bass, Middle Earth Recordings MIDDLE 7 CD, 1996.
decryption codes in comments

CD 1 -
Dubble - Funki Porcini
Free the Bass - Zion Train
Skeleton at the Feast - Dreadzone
Shrine Kaya Dub (Zion Train mix) - Loop Guru
Eternal Feed Back - Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor
Lookee Here (Dread at the Controls Dreadzone mix) - Transglobal Underground
Bowl - Knights of the Occasional Table
GBH (Dub) - Death in Vegas
Paraffin (Richard Fearless Dub remix) - Ruby
Stars (Mother Dub remix) - Dubstar
Nemesis (Bumpy Capers Bosh remix) - Children of Dub
YsaebuD - The Sabres of Paradise
Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline, & Dignity - African Head Charge

CD 2 -
VIII  - Main
Diamanda - Blue
Xyloid    - Alien
Born Slippy (Tel Ematic) - Underworld
Hate (Nico Dark Matter remix) - Acacia
Gatha - Seefeel
We are on Earth to Learn - Mr. Night & Mr. Day
Critical Dub - Test Dept.
Hey Ho (Tribal Drift remix) - Dub Syndicate
Mother India (Sabres at Dawn Sabres of Paradise remix)
Viv Dogana - V-Human


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