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16 August 2022

Thanks On You, On-U

A friend of mine sent me this CD compilation to help me through recent days. I am eternally grateful. I love all things On-U & this is one I didn't have. I was not even aware of it. 

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have. 

Released on On-U & Cleopatra 


Various - A Party of Dubbers & Toasters, On-U Sound CLP 9919, 1997.
decryption code in comments

Dog Park - Prince Far-I / Singers & Player
Last Sane Dream - Creation Rebel / New Age Steppers
A Reasoning - Creation Rebel
No Speed Limit - Playgroup
Striving - Bim Sherman / Singers & Players
Grand Prix - Voice of Authority
Ethos Design - Creation Rebel / New Age Steppers
Dreams are Better - London Underground
No Peace - Creation Rebel
Hoggs Might Fly - Playgroup
Vegetable Matter - Mikey Dread / Singers & Players
Slipped Disco - Voice of Authority
Earthwire Line - Creation Rebel / New Age Steppers
Rebel Party - Creation Rebel



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  2. Bacon PB Muffin8/17/22, 7:02 PM

    Great Label - many wonderful releases... The "Pay It All Back" series is swell...

    1. Adrian & On-U are some of my favorite sounds. Posted many of their items over the years. Check LABELS under On-U listing for most everything I've offered up, maybe something you might like. The "Pay it All Back" series is excellent. Thanks for the comment.