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12 August 2022

Two Weeks in Hell


I realize it's been since last month that I posted anything. Sorry about that. It's just that Casa Nada got invaded by the COVID.

My daughter Lao was the first victim. One of her overly generous co-workers lovingly passed the virus to several others after returning from a care-free vacation. I got it next & Black Dahlia, of course, had to share, so that put us all under. We are all immunized & double boostered, so we didn't die literally, obviously. But it was two weeks of hell.

When I regain enough energy to pretend I'm back to basics, I intend to write up my experiences under the control of this insidious vampire virus. For now I'm going to share some music that helped me serve my sentence.

For me the worst thing was that I didn't even have the energy to select the ongoing soundtrack of my life. Usually around here musick is 24/7. I wear earbuds while I sleep & orchestrate my vivid dreaming. The rest of the time I stream Spotify from the TV surround-sound or have the computer...or cassettes...or records...or CDs blaring out tunes through my stereo. The virus struck & an alien silence invaded our domain. It took me over a week before I realized I could just set my play to shuffle. I didn't have to exert the energy to choose but I didn't have to suffer from both COVID & my allergy to silence.

Mixes like the one I'm posting also were a blessing. I hope it serves you as it served me.

Various - Dubnology: Journeys into Outer Bass, Middle Earth Recordings MIDDLE 4 CD, 1995.
decryption codes in comments

CD 1 -
House of Dread - Dreadzone
Walkabout - Revolutionary Dub Warriors
Follow like Wolves (Original 12“ mix) - Zion Train
Nazrul Dub - Asian Dub Foundation
7:7 Expansion (Conspiracy mix by Youth) - System 7
Univeria Zekt (Kobaian Love chant)    - Astralsia
Brixton (Dub mix) - Renegade Soundware
Ants - Tribal Drift
School of Thought - SYT
25th Century - Timeshard
Fatta Connection - Black Star Liner

CD 2 -
Survivors - Eat Static
Mindstream (Mind the Bend the Mind Orbital mix) - Meat Beat Manifesto
International Times (Haunted Dancehall Sabres of Paradise mix) - Transglobal Underground
Bill’s Last Stand - The Woodshed
Rougher Dub (Lionheart exclusive mix) - The Rootsman
Um Baby - Knights of the Occasional Table
Lai Lah (v.1.00) - Banco de Gaia
Shape of Life - UVX
Paradigm Shuffle - Loop Guru
Rez - Underworld



  1. CD1

  2. I'm sorry to hear about this, I'm glad you are recovering. Thanks for the music, I appreciate it very much.

  3. Hope you are all on the mend - nasty shit

    1. Tested negative yesterday & today. Guess the virus lost, but I feel just like home-made shit. Thanks for the thoughts & encouraging words.

  4. I too enjoy this outing, glad you are on the mend.

    1. Just checked out the link you provided. What a wealth of music. After listening to RHK - The Number of Magic, I started listening to the SID - Chant to Jah which I really like. These additional releases are much appreciated. Seems RHK stuff is kinda hard to round up in its depth & breadth, so great great addition.

      (Sorry these replies are in reverse order, just a reflection of my brain-fog rightat the moment.)

    2. Glad you enjoyed....https://uloz.to/file-tracking/6dcc7fb9c886317fa94cba6bdeb137d1f74d4f6d5c6dbfbf7c9261ce6d71f402de62632437b7a29adf2d0f935043dd2e?q=richard+h+kirk

    3. Just spreading the wealth brother.

    4. So loving this. My mind just can't settle on any one though for more than a fleeting second. Been having a hella time deciding what to listen to lately. Now I can just listen to each of these new offerings. Don't have to decide what to play, just listen & enjoy.

    5. Can't seem to get the uloz.to link to work?

    6. Main page, type Richard H Kirk, you will see the zip, have to go through the usual captcha crap but https://uloz.to/

    7. Nathan, just in case you are still in a COVID fog, the RHK and Sandoz in Dub albums were also recently posted here:


      Hope the music has you on the mend!

    8. Thanks brother. Got those two from OMOA & have been enjoying them.

      Now Rob provided a bunch more Sandoz to add to the mix.

      You guys are the best. Thanks for making me feel better. The only remnant of this evil virus is the lack of even a smidgeon of energy. I'm working on building it back. Weirdly enough, activity seems to be the best remedy, just forcing myself beyond the malaise.

  5. Not sure if you have these: Here's Sandoz Albums https://filetransfer.io/data-package/JmTIyyre#link In Dub - Chant To Jah is fabulous

    1. As always, thanks for your kindness, Rob. Over the actual virus, now just trying to rebuild.

      Don't have the items you linked. Will download & check them out. I'm sure I'll enjoy them on your word alone, but will let you know.

      Again, thanks.

  6. Do you have? : Ambient Explorations In The House & Techno Age, 1993-1997

    1. there you go rob; https://we.tl/t-f0wNpYy1ur

    2. Thank you brother!! Love that H Kirk track

  7. I hope you are doing better NØ.I also had it the previous month and I'm unvaccinated.Nasty stuff.
    Thanks for the dubnology .That on the other hand is Good stuff!! Niceness!!!
    I will also agree with Rob, Chant to Jah is fabulous.
    Blessings !!!!

    1. Nasty stuff, indeed. I am Chant(ing) to Jah ever day. Thanks for the kind words. Helping me feel better...kindred spirit & all. Musick will triumph over all adversity.

  8. So good to know you're fine... My best hopes for full recovery and thanks once more for dubbing it up

  9. Wish you all the best! And many thanks for one of my favourite compilations in the dubby 1990s.

  10. Thank you, my friend. It means a lot to me, one zero to another as it were.