All February I’m taking a foray into the world of pop music. There’ll be a indie-pop, indietronica-pop, synth-pop, psych-pop, trance-pop, avant-pop,Britpop, soul-pop, blues-pop, alt-pop, funk-pop, folk-pop, pop-rock...Pop...Pop...Pop!

If you bear with this long enough, Valentine’s Day will find Cupid’s gifting of A 20 Something Fuck. Sounds romantic, right?

Next day The Man takes us back to Woodstock...“Feel it Still” kinda says what I’m trying to show here:

     “Ooh woo, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
     I been feeling it since 1966, now
     Might be over now, but I feel it still.

     Ooh woo, I'm a rebel just for kicks, now
     Let me kick it like it's 1986, now
     Might be over now, but I feel it still.”

Everywhere I turn in the blogshere it seems like a bunch of old farts stuck in the past. Praising that album they heard however many centuries ago, claiming there’s nothing nowadays that can even compare. I have albums from all times past that I cherish, sure. But cloaking them in a shroud of nostalgia begs the question: is it really that great?

Some of those cherished relics ARE that great & some aren’t, but the thing they are all missing is that newness, that freshness, that “of the moment” when I would hear something for the very first time. That feeling is what I listen for in new music. I want that rush of fresh air so I’m open to new sounds. I don’t weigh them against the past. I try to let them stand on their own. “ might be over, but I can feel it still.”

I don’t need the digitally remastered XX?? anniversary release with 12,000 shit-turd outtakes, alternate versions, & demos. Gimme somethin’ like nothin’ I heard yet. Gimme somethin’ new.

So this month is dedicated to 21st Century sounds.

05 December 2022

Even Though They Say Ziggy Played was Ronno


Michael 'Mick' Ronson was born in Kingston on Hull.

A new 8-foot (2.4 m) guitar sculpture memorial to Ronson, designed by student Janis Skodins, was unveiled on 2 June 2017 in Hull's East Park, where Ronson used to work as a gardener, now known as the Michael Ronson Garden of Reflection.


Another great axe victim that I've shared before over at Play, Don't Worry.  This is a posthumous disc from Beside Bowie bestie & Hull native Mick Ronson. I usually don’t bore you with all the bloody details as to who does what & when with whom for each song, but here the cast is an impressive lot, props to M. Ronson


Mick Ronson - Heaven & Hull, Epic 474742 2, 1994.
decryption code in comments

Don't Look Down
     Bass – Peter Noone
     Drums – Martin Chambers
     Vocals – Joe Elliott
Like a Rolling Stone
     Bass – Rene Wurst
     Drums – Mick Curry*
     Guitar – Keith Scott
     Keyboards – John Webster
     Vocals – David Bowie
When the World Falls Down
     Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals – Sham Morris
     Bass – Peter Noone
     Drums – Martin Chambers
Trouble with Me
     Keyboards, Bass, Drum Machine – Sham Morris
     Vocals – Chrissie Hynde
Life's a River
     Acoustic Guitar – Sham Morris
     Backing Vocals – Joe Elliott
     Bass – Mick Ronson
     Drums – Martin Chambers
     Vocals – John Mellencamp, Sham Morris
You  & Me
     Instruments [All] – Mick Ronson
Colour Me
     Backing Vocals – David Bowie, Joe Elliott
     Bass – Mick Ronson
     Drums – Martin Barker
     Keyboards – Sham Morris
Take a Long Line
     Bass – Peter Kinski
     Drums – Martin Barker
     Vocals – Ian Hunter, Joe Elliott
Midnight Love
     Instruments [All] – Mick Ronson
All The Young Dudes
     Alto Saxophone [Dog] – David Bowie
     Bass – John Deacon
     Drums – Roger Taylor
     Guitar – Brian May
     Lead Guitar – Mick Ronson
     Lead Vocals – Ian Hunter
     Vocals – David Bowie, Joe Elliott, Phil Collen

bonus track
Don’t Look Down (edit)



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  2. Wow, thanks Nathin', looking forward to hearing this big time!

    1. All around great axeman. Enjoy & thanks.

  3. Did not know this cd or site existed! Thank you, I'll be back

    1. Hope you find magickal musick to enjoy. Stop by often. Welcome to my mess.