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18 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: Ofra Haza


Ofra Haza was a songwriter/singer & actress from Hatikva, Tel Aviv, Israel. Outside of her native Israel she was known as  "the Isreali Madonna". Ofra represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983, with the song "Hi", finishing second with 136 points. Her major international breakthrough came in the wake of the album Shirei Teiman ("Yemenite songs"), which she recorded in 1984. 



The album Shaday (1988) won the New Music Award for Best International Album of the Year. The single "Im Nin'alu", taken from that album, topped the Eurochart for two weeks in June that year. It was on heavy rotation on MTV channels across the continent. The song became a dance floor favorite across Europe & the US, topping the German charts for nine weeks.

Haza's death from an AIDS-related illness added another layer to the public mourning, bringing the disease into the spotlight. The revelation of Haza's illness caused much surprise among fans, along with debate about whether the media invaded her privacy by rushing to report it.

Ofra Haza - Shaday, TELDEC CD43845, 1988.
decryption code in comments

Im Nin'alu    
Da'Ale Da'Ale    
My Aching Heart
Love Song    
Face to Face
Take Me to Paradise



  1. Shaday

  2. I bought this when it first came out on the strength of 'Im Nin'alu' after I heard it on very late-nite radio. It's been a favorite album ever since. Many thanks!

  3. NØ thanks for this outstanding album of the late 80 s....as always you bring back memories...of the early 90 s.....Keep on sharing these positives vibes....and stay blessed bro.

  4. To Brian & Afro, glad you're enjoying this one. Wasn't sure how it would go over here. Have had it since it came out, just got stuck away with stuff that needed fixed. The ID3 tags were missing & the gain needed evened out. Glad I've been working through these, getting some good music back to listening condition.