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27 May 2024

The White Whale

Never been a fan of Moby but I know he's worked with a lot of various artist, remixing their tunes to his own musical vision. I was checking on his website & looked at his list of remixes. I realized I knew of a few that weren't on his list, so it made me go, hmmm!

Well, I found over twenty-five more remixes that he hadn't listed & decided it would be a stupid insane idea to get them all together. Here's an even one hundred, split into four parts... 


Moby - A Remix Set, NØ Comp. 2024.
all decryption codes in comments

Part 1 -
(Do Not) Stand in the Shadows (Moby remix) - Billy Idol
(Do Not) Stand in the Shadows (Moby Half Speed Version remix) - Billy Idol
Vault (Moby remix) - Pendulum
Salt (Moby remix) - Kita Klane
Break (Moby remix) - ADLT VDEO
Just Say (Moby remix) - KDA
Hell in Paradise (Moby remix) - Yoko Ono
The Bumps (Moby Remix) - Pete Tong feat. John Monkman
Walls (Moby Remix) - Monkey Safari
Automatic (Moby remix) - NØISE
Torn Red Heart (Moby remix) - Mark Lanegan Band
Do it Again (Moby Basement mix) - Röyksopp feat. Robyn
Do it Again (Röyksopp & Robyn Vs. Moby mix) - Röyksopp feat. Robyn
All I Know (Moby remix) - Washed Out
y (Moby remix) - iamamiwhoami
Noah's Ark (Moby remix) - David Lynch
Theme for Great Cities (Moby remix) -Simple Minds
Wait & See (Moby remix) - Holy Ghost!
I'm Free (Moby remix) - The Rolling Stones
Krakpot (Moby remix) - Plastikman
The Son Of Flynn (Moby Remix) - Daft Punk
I'll Be Home for Christmas (Moby remix) - Tony Bennett
Rock Your Body, Rock (Moby remix) - Ferry Corsten
Les Djinns (Moby remix) - Djuma Soundsystem
Miserablism (Moby Electro mix) - Pet Shop Boys

Part 2 -
Souvenir (Moby remix) - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Sunday (Moby remix) - David Bowie
Alive (Moby remix) - Beastie Boys
Wait A Minute (Moby's mix) - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Beetlebum (Moby's mix) - Blur
Dead Man Walking (Moby mix 1) - David Bowie
Dead Man Walking (Moby's House mix) - David Bowie
Dead Man Walking (Moby mix 2) - David Bowie
Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) (Moby Flawed mix) - Aerosmith
Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees) (Moby Fucked mix) - Aerosmith
Grave Ride (Moby mix) - John Lydon
Damage I've Done (Moby Sad Gospel mix) - The Heads
Damage I've Done (Moby Melodic Deep mix) - The Heads
Stella (Electro mix) - Jam & Spoon
Stella (Moby's Barracuda mix) - Jam & Spoon
Stella (Moby's Spirit mix) Jam & Spoon
1979 (Moby remix) - Smashing Pumpkins
Until it Sleeps (Moby's Herman Melville mix) - Metallica
Until it Sleeps (Moby Slow mix) (unreleased) - Metallica
Dusty (Moby mix) - Soundgarden
Greyhound Part 1 (Moby remix) - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Lost Again (Moby's Hands on Yello remix) - Yello
Bam Bam Bam (Paul Yates mix) - Westbam
Bam Bam Bam (Moby Dub mix) - Westbam
Revolution Earth (Moby's CO2 mix) - The B-52's

Part 3 -
Movin' On (Moby mix) - The Other Two
Movin' On (Moby's Waterfront mix) - The Other Two
Revolution Earth (Moby's PPM Dub) - The B-52's
Revolution Earth (Moby's Vibe Tribe version) - The B-52's
Revolution Earth (Moby's CO2 Edit) - The B-52's
Fall from Grace (Moby Distressed version) - Eskimos & Egypt
Fall from Grace (Moby's Love Dub) - Eskimos & Egypt
Fall from Grace (Moby's Patient Love Dub) - Eskimos & Egypt
Fall from Grace (Moby's Regressive mix) - Eskimos & Egypt
I Talk to the Wind (Moby Transcendent mix) - Opus III
I Talk to the Wind (Moby Head mix) - Opus III
I Talk to the Wind (Moby Transcendent Dub) - Opus III
I Talk to the Wind (Moby's mix) - Opus III
Is That You Mo-Dean? (Moby's Interdimension mix) - The B-52's
Is That You Mo-Dean? (Moby's Liquid Sky Dub) - The B-52's
Is That You Mo-Dean? (Moby's Harpapella) - The B-52's
Is That You Mo-Dean? (Moby's Roots mix) - The B-52s
Fractal Zoom (Mary's Birthday edit) - Brian Eno
Fractal Zoom (Moby's Up River mix) - Brian Eno
Fractal Zoom (Moby's Naive mix I) - Brian Eno
Fractal Zoom (Moby's Naive mix II) -Brian Eno
Fractal Zoom (Moby's Landed mix) - Brian Eno
Fractal Zoom (Moby's Bucolic mix) - Brian Eno
Who is It (Moby Tribal version) - Michael Jackson
Who is It (Moby's IHS mix) - Michael Jackson

Part 4 -
Who is It (Moby's P-Man Dub) - Michael Jackson
Who is It (Moby's Lakeside Dub) - Michael Jackson
Who is It (Moby's Raw Mercy Dub) - Michael Jackson
Beat It (Moby's Sub mix) - Michael Jackson
Everybody in the Place (Moby's Dance Hall version) - The Prodigy
Make it Mine (Moby's Manhattan mix) - The Shamen
Make it Mine (Moby's US Dub mix) - The Shamen
Make it Mine (Moby's Deep mix) - The Shamen
Ride (Moby's Dub) - SoHo
Ride (Moby's Odessa mix) - SoHo
Ride (Moby's Speed mix) - SoHo
You Gotta Believe (Moby's Sweet mix) - Fierce Ruling Diva
You Gotta Believe (Moby's Love of God mix) - Fierce Ruling Diva
Good Stuff (Moby's Schottische mix) - The B-52s
Only Time Will Tell (Mobygyn mix) - Ten City
Only Time Will Tell (Obygyn mix) - Ten City
Faith Healer (Moby's Barracuda mix) - Recoil
Chorus (Mob''s Vegan mix) - Erasure
Heart on the Line (Voodoo Child mix) -Fortran 5
Heart on the Line (Voodoo Child mix) (Edit) - Fortran 5
Heart on the Line (Moby's Bassline mix) - Fortran 5
Gazza (Voodoo Child Disco 2000 mix) - Andromeda
Speed Freak (Moby Mutation mix) - Orbital
Tan Ta Ra (Moby remix) - LFO
Está Loca (Moby remix) - the latin age

I stopped at 100. There are many more. Submit your suggestions & I'll do Take II.

ps. Here are two new ones I lifted from Dubhed blog.
We're Going Wrong (Moby Mix) - Cream
You & Me (Moby extended remix) - Anifisa Letyago
(check out the heavy lyrics from the bald alien on this last one)



  1. A Remix Set Part I
    A Remix Set Part II
    A Remix Set Part III
    A Remix Set Part IV

  2. NØ as you Im not a fan of Moby but I never ignore a remix and indeed you are right by putting all these stuff together .....Great rework with refreshing vibes...stay b lessed bro

    1. One of those ideas that popped into my head while I was blissing out. I do some of my wildest work wasted. Keep chill, my brother.

  3. Thank you for this! I too am not the biggest fan of Moby, though I do appreciate his stance as an animal rights activist, vegan, and artist. He was one of the first raves I went to back in 92 or 93 (opening for Aphex Twin, Vapourspace and Orbital). Since then I've casually followed along, but lost interest in most of his pop and top 40 oriented music. The Move EP is about all I have and still like (that is strong start to finish), and a few comp tracks like on Trance Europe Express. Yeah, Go is a classic and I do like his remixes of that. Otherwise ,I think his cover of Mission of Burma is solid. That's about it. Lastly, mad props for writing the forward to Ray Cappo's auto-biography "From Punk to Monk."

    You did a great job compiling these remixes. I checked his discogs page and the only other remixes I had any itch to hear were these (not enough for a second part on your behalf) Ennio Morricone, John Powell (Bourne), Ian Pooley, and Sex Pistols. I'm sure I'd be satisfied if I did a quick search on YouTube.

  4. Thanks for this great comment. I did vaguely threaten a possible follow-up, but couldn't really force myself to back that up. Something for a better man than I.

  5. Me neither LOL, but i do like his latest release with the late great Benjamin Zephaniah!!

    1. Just when you counted out the lad, he pulls out some good ones.

  6. aboynamedstew5/28/24, 1:38 PM

    I was going to suggest tracking down the Aerosmith remixes, but I see you already found them. I picked up the single with those remixes at a Goodwill in order to use the cardboard sleeve for a friend's mix CD (we had a long-running joke about Aerosmith), and out of pure head-scratching curiosity I listened to the remixes and they were, as the British say, completely mad. Bonkers weird, and I was amazed they actually got released into the world by a big record company. Anyway, now i have to check out the rest of these just to kill the cat. Thanks as always!

    1. If you checking out the Moby tracks, check out the one reb.jukebox linked above with Benjamin Zephaniah. Truly superb but not really because of Moby.

    2. NØ =Truly superb but not really because of Moby.=(You again made my day).....= Where s Your Pride= shows to Moby how exciting could be his cooperation with Dub -poets or Singjays....Who knows the door is open....Big up bro!

    3. Yeah, the song is all Benjamin with good accompaniment. I agree, though, that Moby could do some grat work providing the music for some great Dub poetry or Singjay tracks. Thanks for this goes to reb.jukebox for the heads-up.

  7. Gargantuan job.
    Contains some favs like Fortran 5, Opus III & PSB's Miserablism.
    Have to gather some strenght to check it all.
    Thank you.

    1. Good to hear from you, brother. Don't strain yourself on these. Just enjoy what you can.

  8. There are two Moby remixes of Blur "Beetlebum"

    1. Thanks. I probably missed a lot. Moby is a remixin' fool.