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23 May 2024

Musick that Needed Work - O: Otis Optic & the Option People

Otis Optic & the Option People are a German psychedelic rock band from the Dortmund, Ruhr area. All the musicians were born in the 80s, but live in the 60s. Their blend of 60s psychedelic & garage music is classic 60s organ/fuzz guitar driven sounds. 


Here OO&tOP is: Tobias Fonda - guitar & vocals; Philipp Kawalek - guitar; Dario Treese - organ & bass; & Elke Jamelle - drums.

Micrograms is a bonus track originally released as a single in 2005. 


Otis Optic & the Option People - self-titled, Nasoni Records NASONI 072-2CD, 2008.

Saints of Sound    
Shallow Fair    
Spot in Your Mind    
Traffic Lights    
Mass Confusion    
Among You    
Memory Dehydrating    
Liable to Fade    
Concept of Time    
Cold Rain (outro)    
bonus track -    



  1. Otis Optic & the Option People

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