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29 August 2008

Austin in the 80s - Bands on the Block

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 08/12/2013. Enjoy, NØ

Austin, Texas has always been the home to good music.
If I started a list I could go on & on & the most obvious thing about it would be the many more bands & artists that I left off: from the days of Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen & Roky Erickson to Charlie Sexton & Jimmie Dale Gilmore; alternative bands like Butthole Surfers, Spoon, or the Pain Teens; well-knowns like the Asylum Street Spankers, Double Trouble, Christopher Cross, Shawn Phillips, or Omar & the Howlers; on & on.

The 80s alternative sound in Austin was an inspiration to many younger musicians & groups. Many of the bands on this compilation are familiar to us, some are not, but there should be something here for everyone, so give it a listen & maybe let me know who you like & why...maybe I can feature some of their work.

I you like more mainstream start with Side A, if you like more hardcore craziness try Side Z first, but it's all good.

Various Artists - Bands on the Block, Matako Mazuri Records MM#3, 1985.
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  1. Wow...never even heard of this...gracias, amigo!

  2. great post!

    good job ;)

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    Cheers from Chile

  3. What it must been like to be in such a diverse scene. Ever seen "Dead on Arrival?" There are some interesting flashes of the purported 'great inspiration' concerts with members of the Big Boys, Really Red, and the rest in the audience. Freaky glam washouts, corduroy cowboys, A and R people are also around hahaha. Oh well, I enjoy your material thanks.>RG

  4. Great site. Thought you might be interested in this.


  5. many thanks for sharing this. i still have my copy on wax but haven't heard it in ages. great memories of a misspent south texas youth.

  6. Dude - I can't even begin to express my gratitude about your posting this. I have been looking for that Doctor's Mob song for years. AWESOME.

  7. please re-up.

  8. to Randy,
    it's up on mediafire now.
    just try the link, maybe let me know.

  9. Can I please try to vomit? Thx? Reminds me when I was 14 when this came out I laughed and went to go see Scratch Acid and other real shit. Yawn-yawn, y'all mid-'80s Chronicle Caucasian know-it-all "music scene" cunts. BUT I LOVE Y'ALL! Hahahahahahahahahaha. FUCK Austin. (Hi Yow! Wow-wow!)

  10. to LA-AL (lulz),

    I'm not sure what your point is here. I guess some Texas redneck ass-raped you or something. Well, if you just would've relaxed a little & squealed like a pig, you might not be so fucked up today. You obviously can't let go of the painful ass past.

    Later DOOD!

  11. if you ever choose to re-up, w/b most appreciated. :-)

    1. It is re-uploaded. Thanks for the request. Anything else, just let me know.
      MEGA decryption code

  12. Just to fukkup yr head -- Brent Grulke, the main man behind this, ended up as the creative head of the SXSW Music Conference for the last decade or so until he died last year, right around the time you re-uploaded this file!

    Heh, heh! I still remember Brent freaking out when copies of the LP started going for $50 apiece!

    - kwl

    1. Just to fukkup yr head -- I met Brent one time in Austin. Sorry to hear he died last year.

  13. Thanks for this! I was looking for obscure Jimmie Dale Gilmore! You rock!