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27 August 2008

Noo Tattoo

Oh, yeah...I forgot. On Sunday at the Lebowski Fest I won a new tattoo.
I got it today (yeah, I know I waited kinda long to get it [chuckle] but
fresh ink...nuff said.


  1. So, am I wrong to see some FZ "Ain't Got No Heart" tribute in that bendy, knife-wielding flesh-support?

    And, congrats for being the winner! Were you carrying around the design, just waiting for free ink to flow? 'Cause that's pure class...

    And, too, thanks for all the 7" tunes you've been laying on us these past couple days. I've never heard any of that stuff before, and am looking forward to this weekend to get well acquainted with them.

    Kooky, krazy and kool, Daddy-O. Congrats, again on the new ink!

  2. Nice. I particularly admire the "Ø" coat of arms detail over the heart. Outstanding!

    Congratulations on a job well done.

  3. Matt -I've got a whole sheet of original art I just travel with just waiting to get inked but being a poor shlub I have to get'em when I can. Free is always best.

    Ib - it ain't nothin'.

  4. Whacked out...why, I resemble that remark. Cuz you're the King. That makes two so far.

    I'm still waiting on Lao to finish hers, I got Bella's Ace of Spades, I'm trying for the whole EP! crew. Maybe a Dr. Anderson next...I'm not too sure about Elliott the Gigantelope, though, maybe Murry the talking fish would be good. Or another one of yours, they're each such singular characterizations...maybe the Lone Bowler of the Apocalypse. I got sheets of original art that I'll never be able to afford unless I win the lottery or start tating myself.

    By the way, did you ever get those links to the Jack Brewer & Death Valley - Que Pasta. I sent them to your e-mail but see that neither were downloaded yet. If you didn't get them, drop me a line at dumpbush & I'll send 'em again.

    Thanks Jud,
    you da Pud!

  5. Don't need to read the comments to KNOW that's a Craig Drawing.