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10 August 2008

Inside a Communist Cell

Karl Prussion won't bore you with generalities. He assumes that you are aware of the Communist menace, & unless you are a Soviet agent (as all Communists are) or one of the dupes into whose hands some of these records sometimes fall, you are prepared to fight Communism. To fight it, you must know something of the nature of the enemy in your community. The ideal place to learn that is right inside a Communist Cell. That is where Karl Prussion takes you in this dynamic, dramatic album.

Karl Prussion's experience has been at the business end of the Communist Criminal Conspiracy. For 26 years, during almost half of which he was an undercover agent for the F.B.I., Karl followed the seditious, violent, vicious directives of the Kremlin. He pulls no punches in telling you what has happened, what is still happening, what is planned.

If you call yourself a "Liberal," Karl will prove to you, vividly & convincingly, that the label "Liberal" is as much a misnomer as the words "Maple Syrup" on a bottle of arsenic.

Karl Prussion was to have been the star witness at the San Francisco hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities at which the student riots erupted. There are those who say the very reason for the riots was to prevent presentation of the Prussion Testimony. Essentially, this album is that testimony - the words that were lost in the disgraceful, law-defying & Kremlin-directed demonstration in San Francisco.

You won't be very proud of certain Americans when you learn, from this record, how Karl Prussion was lured into the Communist Conspiracy, how the Communists planned to make him a Methodist minister, how he watched Red Fascism infiltrate every facet of American life from the P.T.A. to the drawing boards of missile engineers.

This is not a pretty story. But it's honest & it's frighteningly fraught with facts.

After you've heard this record, see that it is played for friends & neighbors, particularly those who loosely speak of "witch hunts" & "red herrings," of "reactionaries" & "civil rights." Play it for anyone who will listen. We all know the hour is late...so late, possibly, that our only choice now is which side we die on. Karl Prussion is on God's side. No Communist is.

Karl Prussion - Inside a Communist Cell, Key Records KLP 720, 1961.

Side 1:
A. Is Communism Political?
B. How I Broke with the Party
C. Communism in Churches
D. The Songs of Subversion
E. Violence in Labor

Side 2:
Re-enactment of Actual Cell Meeting

Enjoy, ya frigging Liberals


  1. I'm thinking this 'um is going to need some cut-and-pasting... Could probably make for a pretty heavy comentary, spiced up with some CSPAN speeches!

  2. Thanks. Helps buttress my Civil Defense collection.