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23 August 2008

Things I Stole

Update: This post was reuploaded 09/24/2015. Enjoy, NØ.

Various - Things I Stole 7" EP
w/ Christ on a Crutch, Lupo, Cringer, & Libido Boyz,
Disaster Productions U29276M , 1991.

Side A:
Christ on a Crutch - What You Don't Give Me I'll Have to Steal (Diddly Squat)
Lupo - Tattoo

Side B:
Cringer - Hooked on Junk
Libido Boyz - Mind's Eye (courtesy of Red Decibel Records)



  1. Thanks for all these super singles...Yes!!!.

  2. Thanks, brad.

    just trying to mix things up here at NSS. i've got kinda short attention span so i'm always tryin' to come up with somethin' different to keep me interested. Glad you're enjoyin'. That's really my only goal.

  3. Do you still have the files for this 7" I got this years ago in a zine I bought at Fallout records, recorded it to tape and lost the record. Still have the tape which I converted to mp3 but would love to have files from the original vinyl!

    1. I don't have this archived. It was on a computer I had that fried the motherboard back in 2010. I still have the vinyl, I'll have to dig it out & re-rip it. It will take a few days, just check back.

    2. Here you go. Sorry it took a few days. Enjoy.