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20 August 2008

Luckily, we had some rotenone.

UPDATE: This post was re-uploaded 02/09/2014. Enjoy, NØ.

"We set out at dawn. End of a dead-end street---that is what we are looking for.
1) Three leads. High walls. A sort of face on a bladder.
2) A museum. I was in a room with exhibits---no exits. Look down to my right & I see an open space ahead,
& a sun-lit wall about one hundred feet away. Something wrong about the wall. It is a painting. A painted wall. It is not really outside the museum.
3) The dead-end reeking street, stinking of rotten time & light."
from dead-end reeking street,
Tornado Alley,
William Seward Burroughs

This one's a nod to ib, who started this all.

There seems to be a cd available of Ken Colyer's Jazzmen called New Orleans to London & Back to the Delta, but this is the original 10" LP second release by Ken Colyer on London Records from 1954 with album notes by legendary Alexis Korner who plays on three cuts here which feature not The Jazzmen, but Ken Colyer's Skiffle Group.

Ken Colyer's Jazzmen feature: Ken Colyer - trumpet; Ed O'Donell - trombone; Bernard Bilk - clarinet; Disley - banjo; Dick Smith - bass; & Stan Gregg - drums, recorded in London September 10, 1954.

Ken Colyer's Skiffle group feature: Ken Colyer - guitar & vocals; Alexis Korner - guitar & mandolin; Bill Colyer - washboard; & Mickey Ashman - bass, recorded in London June 25, 1954.

I have re-arranged the order of the songs on side two so that all The Jazzmen songs are first to create more continuity with side one & the Skiffle Group songs are last.

Ken Colyer - Back to the Delta(a New Orleans Encore), London Records LB 1089, 1954.
decryption code in comments

Side No. 1 -

Sing on
Lord, Lord, Lord, you sure been good to me
Faraway blues
Moose march

Side No. 2 -

Saturday night function
Midnight special *
Casey Jones *
K.C. moan *

* The Skiffle Group



  1. neat, neat, neat, nate.

    You were just teasing me with that fine Tornado Alley pic, huh ?

    Actually, that Kevin Coyler LP sleeve is one of the most fantastic jazz designs I've seen in a long while. Features Alexis Korner, too ? This I must listen to...

  2. Great Nate,
    the recent posting of the late great word magician beckons for something a bit stronger though...Hows about a spoken word from this insect>?(He said I could call him that on account of the huge literary-sin deficit trail he amassed, then coldly abandoned us with) Das Vedana <>Gr.

  3. ib,
    yeah, just coppin' yer stylz, man, coppin' yer stylz. (in an homage kinda way)

    here ya go. hope yer happy.

    thanks for the comments, they does my hearts goo

  4. any chance for a repost!!!!!!

  5. I love this album cover! Just downloaded this and love it - you post some of the best stuff. Thanks for your great blog, NØ!

  6. MEGA decryption code