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25 August 2013

Hong Kong

I really hope you take the time to check out this band if you’re not familiar with them. I’ve been looking forward to posting this since I began this journey many months ago.

Kimtak Building are a Hong Kong indie band whose name comes from a building in Jordon, Hong Kong. They play instrumental rock. It is introspective & moody shoegaze at its best. Not hip, not impulsive, not hysteric.

What if you were walking down the darkness of a sonic pathway, listening to the tenderness of bodies that move over one another, while the night is too much to spell a word?...Introversion, sadness, glamor, confidentiality…like a flash in the wilderness forest, like a breeze gliding over the green. The contrasts of day & night. Here comes the different transient feelings of your existence.

Their music feels like a guide to our private artistic morphology…drawings like mysteries, songs named like fairy tales. A subtle atmosphere.

This is their debut album called In the Forest & the Field, released in 2006 by Harbour Records.

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Tracklist –

The Deer by the Lake
The Snail n Love
The Thirsty Pond
The Beast on the Frozen Lake
The Axe in the Swamp
The Kind Wolf
The Worn Dancing Shoes
The Sparkling Feather
The Misled Bat
The Song Written by a Rabbit
The Boat in the Mist



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  2. really looking forward to hearing this. your recommendation does mean something.