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20 August 2013

South Korea

Korean guitarist Shin Jung Hyun is considered to be the "Godfather of Rock" in Korea.  During his lengthy career that began in the 60s, he has had many bands & performed solo as well. He is still rocking today at the age of 75.

I have quite a bit of Shin’s music, but much of it is available from Light in the Attic as re-issues, if you’re interested. So I’m posting up In-A-Kadda-Da-Vida. It was recorded live & has between-song banter & audience noise, but this is a great "psych-rock" gem. Also the second Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Jeuns’ album from 1975 which features the earliest version of the Shin standard “Beautiful Rivers & Mountains”. Vol. 2 was re-released in 1994 but it seems to be OOP.

Questions members are: Bass: Lee Tae Hyun  ; Shin Jung Hyun - guitar ; Kim Min Rang - keyboards; Lee Tae Hyun – bass; & Kim Dae Hwan – drums.

Shin Jung Yung & Questions – In-A-Kadda-Da-Vida, Universal Record Co. KLH-24, 1970. 
decryption code in comments

Side 1 –

You are In
Gimsangsa Back from Vietnam
To Leave Him
Funky Broadway

Side 2 –


Yup Jeuns are: Shin Jung Hyun - guitar & vocal; Lee Nam Lee – bass; Kim Ho Sik –drums.

decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

아름다운 강산
산아 강아
어깨 나란히
승리의 휘파람



  1. In-A-Kadda-Da-Vida
    Vol. 2

  2. Hey, thanks for this world tour! I am progressing through it but a few months back (I'm still in Europe haha). Actually I am pretty amazed by the scale of the project! I am living in South Korea, and Shin Jung Hyun, as performer and producer, is indeed the godfather. In general there are a ton of great 60 and 70s sounds from here. You must have checked out San Ul Lim right? (산울림)
    Anyway thanks again for efforts to spread rare and interesting music! I'm on board!


    1. Welcome aboard, friend. I've been trying to move right along with this thing so that it doesn't take years to finish. It would be nice to be able to leisurely stroll through the countries & really absorb some of the fine music from all around the globe. I'd probably still be back in Europe if I had gone at my usual pace.

      Thanks for the comments, especially about South Korea. There is indeed an abundance of artists & music particularly from the psychedelic 60s & 70s that are truly great. I am definitely a big fan of Sanullim as well. They are right up there with Shin's greatest bands. Although they came along near the end of the psychedelic period, their K-rock/hard rock style is also intense. I have their #3 (제3집). Hope anyone reading this checks them out. (Chang-ik's passing in 2008 was a sorrow, to be sure).

      That's the great thing about folks like yourself commenting & making suggestions. I can only cover certain artists or bands, but all these other comments just helps to expand people's knowledge & exposure.

      Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for your kind response!
    San Ul Lim is one of my favorite bands. The first three albums are legendary! Kim Choo Ja 김추자 and Kim Jung Mi 김정미 are also great, and both worked with Shin.

    Also this is a pretty sweet modern track from 구남과여라이딩스텔라