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28 August 2013

Papua New Guniea

People who originated in Africa 50,000 to 70,000 years ago traveled to Southeast Asia & then to New Guinea. These Aborigines then crossed a land bridge from Asia to Australia which is believed to have existed about 45,000 to 50,000 years ago. The Aborigines share heritage with the native peoples of Papua New Guinea. About 8,000 years ago the Torres Strait Islands were formed when the land bridge between Australia & New Guinea was flooded by rising seas. Since then they have been separated, but their earliest traditional heritage is Papuan.

This music is from the Cape York Peninsula of Australia, the Torres Strait Islands, & southern Papua New Guinea. This is the real music before Europeans came to the area.

Lyrichord Discs LYRCD 7331, 1993. 
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

Malkari Song

Tara Kuikui Waru Mapagu
Wirru Wirru
Puipume Malung Inana
Tike Apuya
Extract from Bora dance rehearsals
Extract from Bora dance rehearsals
Extract from Bora dance rehearsals – Bora music

Antjali song

Malkari song

Women's Wungka dance songs
Women's Wungka dance songs
Women's Wungka dance songs

Man Ungginyu

Boala Malu Wutyuru
Timbara Lupu Intyinawa – Bora songs

Malkari song
Malkari dance song ‘Centipede'

Song associated with Bora 'Ontoimo owa'

Women's Wungka dance song
Women's Owalapatanu song
Women's funeral dance song

Djadbangari Dance Song 'East Wind'
Karidyeri Dance Song
Didgeridoo Solo (a Trial & a Crying Child)
Didgeridoo Solo (a Big Truck on the Mission)
Bunggul Dance Song 'Seagull'
Bunggul Dance Song 'Spider' (vocal)
Bunggul Dance Song 'Spider' (digeridoo) - Elcho Island music

Jew's Harp
Song about a Bird
Two Flutes
Magician Song
Mourning Song - traditional music of the Gizra People of Papua New Guinea


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