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08 March 2014

Hard Rock from the Middle East

The Devil's Anvil was a hard rock/psychedelic band based out of New York City in the 1960s. They released one album entitled Hard Rock from the Middle East in 1967 showcasing a mix of 60s hard & psychedelic rock with Turkish, Arabic, & Greek vocals & traditional instrumentals. The fuzzed-out guitar wasmingled with oud, bouzouki, tamboura, & Goblet drums. This Middle Eastern acid-rock blend was unique for its time, predating the British trans-global dance bands by 30 years.

Instrumental in the band's formation was producer Felix Pappalardi, who helped sign them with Columbia Records. Pappalardi (born December 30, 1939 & died April 17, 1983) was an American music producer, songwriter, vocalist, & bass guitarist. As a musician, Pappalardi is widely recognized as the bassist, vocalist, & founding member of the American hard rock band Mountain, a band born out of Pappalardi’s working with future band mate Leslie West's soul-inspired rock ‘n’ roll band The Vagrants.

As a producer, Pappalardi is perhaps best known for his work with British psychedelic blues-rock power trio Cream , as well as his work with The Flock, Hot Tuna, The Youngbloods, & others.

In 1966, while hanging out in Greenwich Village, Pappalardi chanced upon a group of Middle Eastern born or descended musicians called The Devil’s Anvil who were playing at the MacDougal Street Cafe Feenjon. Pappalardi began playing with them. Eventually The Devil’s Anvil became the unofficial house band at Feenjon. The members of the group were: Jerry Satpir - lead guitar & vocals; Steve Knight - rhythm guitar, bass, & bouzouki; Elierzer Adoram – accordion; & Kareem Issaq – oud & vocals.

The Devil’s Anvil – Hard Rock from the Middle East,
Fantazia/Shaitun Records DVA 1031, 1967.
decryption code in comments

Side 1 –
Wala Dai        
Nahna Ou Diab          
Selim Alai      

Side 2 –
Hala Laya       
Treea Pethya  

Enjoy, NØ  


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  2. this looks fantastic nathan.
    like kalidescope maybe.

    1. There are various Kaleidoscope bands but I would guess you are referring to David Lindley & Co. from the late 60s. Both groups played psychedelic music with middle eastern influences, for sure.

  3. Thanks so much.
    Cheers Danne.

  4. Yo you so much, legend!