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22 March 2014

How about some Killer Party Service?

The Painless Dirties began in 1983 as Killer Party Service with Kai ‘Speed B’ Boysen – vocals, guitar, & keyboard, Felix Fango – vocals, bass, guitar, & keyboard, & Manni ‘Rudi’ Mentár – drums & backing vocals. After regularly playing various clubs in the Hamburg area, in June 1984, now known as The Painless Dirties, they went on tour of Germany with Trigger & the Thrill Kings.

In 1983 Truus de Groot - vocals hooked up with James Sclavunos ( Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth, the Cramps, & now with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds & Grinderman) - drums, Jim Duckworth - (Tav Falco’s Panther Burns & Gun Club) & Danny B. Harvey (Honey Dippers, Twenty Flight Rockers, The Head Cat with Lemmy, Mad Violets & many more) – guitars, & Charles Leyland – bass to start Trigger & the Thrill Kings. T&tTK played a raunchy blues, punk-rockabilly mix.

Moanin’ Low by Trigger & the Thrill Kings.
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A major tour like this provided The Painless Dirties with a much wider audience. They gained a great deal of attention & a month later, they signed with Alfred Hilsberg’s indie label What's So Funny About. They soon released their first LP, the self-titled The Painless Dirties that same year.

Critic’s described the band’s music as a mixture of Doors & The Velvet Underground.
By the end of 1984 The Dirties had added Tom Grom on piano, organ, & harp which allowed both Kai & Felix to sing & concentrate on their primary instrument without switching frequently to keyboard duties. In 1985 TPD recorded their second album, Minimal Brain Dysfunction (joined here by
Nainz - vocals on “Doctor Olander”, backing vocals, & sampling).

After a series of line-up changes, the group split in 1987 into the two bands: Felix Fango’s The Movin’ Ooh! & Kai Boysen’s Comrad, from which later emerged Station 17.

The Painless Dirties – Minimal Brain Dysfunction, What’s So Funny About SF 36, 1986.

Side A –
Hey Girl
Beaten Dogs
Don’t Touch Me
Jump Out
Rotten Blues
Dr. Olander

Side B –
Dripping Tongue
Living in the Dark
One Night at Home
I’m not Mean Enough

A2 is listed “Beaten Dogs” on the back sleeve, “Beaten Dog” on label.
A3 is mentioned only on label, not on the back sleeve.
A4 & A5 are mentioned in reversed order on the back sleeve.
A6 is “Dr. Olander” on label, but “Doctor Olander” on the back sleeve.


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