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27 March 2014

Love is the Law, Love under Will

This is a cassette from Rudy. G. performed under the name Thelema. Recorded in 1987 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. This tape is dedicated to Aleister Crowley. Slow drone with lots of guitars, electronics, & rhythm machines.

It may be through the blind night thou shalt see thine Angel. Come hear the faint whisper of His wings. Behold the starry breast begemmed. You shall catch the subtle voice. Neophyte has to acquire perfect control of the Astral Plane. We must penetrate…Magus.

Hawk-headed Lord, the intelligence who wrote the Book of the Law together with Crowley. Aiwaz or his magickal self. Bini bek. Bartzabel. To work up the magickal enthusiasm through the exhilaration induced by musick. To create Belial.

Thelema - Aiwaz cassette C46 III, 1987.
decryption code in comments

Side A – Holy Guardian Angel

Side B – Aiwaz

Do what thou wilt,

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