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16 March 2014

Musick for Your Mutha

Been quite some time since I’ve done that Parliafunkadelicment thang. Well, here’s some tight funk of the 7" kind. No "Maggot Brain" or "Free Your Mind", just the heavy heavy sound of pumpin' 45s. This is one of the best singles collections by any band ever assembled. Early-period Funkadelic remains the standard by which all other mind-expanding funk is judged, JB or no JB. Included is the twelve page booklet (from the CD) with everything you’ll need to know about these singles & the great artists who made them.

Funkadelic – Music for Your Mother: Funkadelic 45s 2xLP,
Westbound Records SEW2 055, 1992.

Side One -
Music for My Mother
Music for My Mother (instrumental)
Can't Shake it Loose
As Good as I Can Feel
I'll Bet You
Qualify & Satisfy
Open Our Eyes

Side Two -
I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody Got a Thing
Fish, Chips, & Sweat
I Wanna Know if It's Good to You
I Wanna Know if It's Good to You (instrumental)
You & Your Folks, Me & My Folks
Funky Dollar Bill
Can You Get to That
Back in Our Minds
I Miss My Baby (US music with Funkadelic)

LP Two

Side Three -
Baby I Owe You Something Good (US music with Funkadelic)
Hit it & Quit It
A Whole Lot of B.S.
Loose Booty
A Joyful Process
Cosmic Slop
If You Don't Like the Effects, Don't Produce the Cause
Standing on the Verge of Getting it On
Jimmy's Got a Little Bit of Bitch in Him

Side Four -
Red Hot Mamma
Vital Juices
Better by the Pound
Stuffs & Things
Let's Take it to the Stage
Biological Speculation
Undisco Kidd
How Do Yeaw View You



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    1. Boom indeed! Some vital juice, as they say.

  2. Thanks man!

  3. LInk no longer working :(

    1. Been having MEGA troubles. If MEGA goes, could be the death knell for this here blogger. I re-up so many different times...

      Music for Your Mother has new links, had to separate the two discs for size reasons.,
      No decryption code now needed.

      I'll keep re-upping as I can.

    2. LP Two link is no longer working