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08 May 2015

Flabba & Bingy Bunny

How have I gone this long without dub’n the Roots Radics? They are probably the premier session band in all of Jamaica.

The seeds of Roots Radics sprang from Morris 'Blacka' Wellington's band, the Morwells in the form of Errol 'Flabba' Holt - bass & Eric 'Bingy Bunny' Lamont - guitar. They had grown up in the Ghost Town area of Trenchtown & had been friends since schooldays. The two teamed up with members of Channel One session group the Revolutionaries. The Revolutionaries featured the rhythm section of bassist Sly Dunbar & drummer Robbie Shakespeare. When Sly & Robbie left to launch their own label...Taxi Records...the Revolutionaries became the Roots Radics.

Roots Radics' first hit "Bounty Hunter" was produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes, released in 1979. They soon became spearheads of the dancehall style that dominated reggae music in the early 80s. Although dancehall was their forte, they produced a large volume of Dub output, working with various producers & artists.

For your enjoyment, some Roots most Radics. First off, in memory of Henry 'Junjo' Lawes…

Here Roots Radics are: Bingy Bunny & Dwight Pinkney – guitar; Wycliffe 'Steelie' Johnson – keyboards; Flabba Holt – bass; & Lincoln 'Style' Scott – drums with (Gaylord) Bravo at the controls.

Roots Radics & Bravo – Dub Fi Junjo, Tabou 1, 2000.
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Tracklist –
Blind Rodent Attack
Leggo de Dub
Drifting Dub
Rocking Miss Dub
Taxi Dub
Blame Them Dub
Mash Dub
Dubba Dub
Changing Dub
Love Dub
English Cow Dub
The Dark Zone
Honey Dub
Jah Dub

Here’s one from Style & Flabba… remixed at On-U Sound.

Tracklist –
Night Nurse Dub
Stranger in Your Town Dub
Objection Overruled Dub
Cool Down the Pace Dub
Material Man Dub
Sad to Know Dub
Thiefa Man Dub
Tune In Dub
Private Secretary Dub

& this final one for now, to really shake that Dub stylee up…

Artists here are: Bingy Bunny & Dwight Pickney – guitars; Gladstone Anderson – keyboards; Flabba Holt – bass; & Style Scott – drums with Dean Frazer & Ronald 'Nambo' Robinson – horns, Christopher 'Sky Juice' Blake & Uziah 'Sticky' Thompson – percussion. King Tubby & Scientist at the controls.  

Tracklist –
Roots Radics' World Dub
Scientist's Earth Dub
King Tubby's Moon Dub
Roots Radics' Star Dub
Scientist's Rain Dub
King Tubby's Snow Dub
Roots Radics' Summer Dub
Scientist's Winter Dub
King Tubby's Cloud Dub
Roots Radics' Storm Dub
Scientist's Hurricane Dub
King Tubby's Earthquake Dub
Scientist's Thunder Dub

Hopin’ everyt’ing cook & curry,


  1. Fi Junjo

  2. Especially enjoying the quartet of tubby dubs, natch. Dub Fi Junjo, too.

    1. In a Dub Explosion is so great. The transition from Roots to Science to Tubby on each song rondo is spectacular, but juxtaposed as they are, the reason why Tubby is King is evident. Creation Dub Master is Don Gorgon.

  3. Thanks as always for the sweet sounds of dub. RIP Style Scott, one of the greats.

    1. Lincoln Valentine 'Style' Scott (April 29,1956 – October 9, 2014), One of the great ones, much loved at On-U Sound (Dub Syndicate, Prince Far I, Creation Rebel & much more).
      Memba Style, Jah guide.