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12 May 2015

The Dub Dentist

A while back I served up Keith Hudson’s Brand. At the time I was showcasing some early Pressure Sounds releases that are no longer available. That post was one of the most popular at the time.

Brand is in fact the second act of the trifecta of innovate dub albums that began with the classic Pick A Dub & ended with Nuh Skin Up.

The first third of the set, Pick A Dub, is one of the earliest dub albums to ever be released, way back in 1974. It features Hudson’s ultra-heavy bass & drum style propelled by Carlton & Aston Barrett. It showcases remixes of earlier reggae material with echoing vocals including Hudson, Horace Andy, & Big Youth to underscore the intense percussive rhythm. More than 40 years after the record's original release the raw edge of experimentation still pours forth.

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Side A –
Pick A Dub
Black Heart
Michael Talbot Affair
Don't Move
Blood Brother
Dreaded Than

Side B –
In the Rain
Part 1-2 Dub Wise
Black Right
I'm All Right
Depth Charge

The Soul Syndicate is the backing band (Earl 'Chinna' Smith – guitar, Augustus Pablo – melodica, Aston Barrett – bass, & Carlton Barrett – drums). Recorded & mixed at Harry J’s Recording Studio in Kingston, Jamaica by Keith Hudson & Aston Barrett.

The third act, Nuh Skin Up, has been largely eclipsed by the first two, but in my opinion, this is the crowning gem of the three, so strongly & creatively inspired. This album collects another set of tracks recorded with the legendary Soul Syndicate band as well as, according to the interview with Hudson’s close associate Junior Walker: ''a white reggae group from Baltimore playing on "Ire Ire" & "Troubles" (most likely also on "No Commitment"). The tracks that feature the Soul Syndicate band probably came from the same sessions that make up Brand, which were mixed at King Tubby's.

Keith Hudson – Nuh Skin Up (Dub), Joint International GT006, 1979.

Side 1 –
Even Those Dreadful Words
Nuh Skin Up
Bad Things

Side 2 –
Keeping Us Together
Ire Ire
No Commitment



  1. Pick A Dub
    Nuh Skin Up

  2. Thank you! Classic releases.