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09 May 2015

Samla Mammas Manna Zamla Mammaz Manna von Zamla

RIO super group established by Lars Hollmer & Eino Haapala, two members of the Swedish band Zamla Mammaz Manna.

This has never been released on CD. Trying that FLAC thing one more time.

Von Zamla – No Make Up!, Krax KRAX 3, 1984.
decryption code in comments

Face A –
Forge Etude
Soon Series
Für Munju / Indojazz

Face B –
Piece of Antsong
Voice Improvisation
After SMRT
Cancion de Bi-Mi-Mela

On this outing, Von Zamla have expanded to: Eino Haapala – guitar & vocals; Lars Hollmer – keyboards & accordion; Hans Louhelainen – keyboards & melodica; Michel Berckmans – bassoon & oboe; Wolfgang Salomon – bass & guitaron; & Mårten Tiselius – drums with Kalle Eriksson - trumpet & percussion.


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