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10 May 2015

The Lone Gunman Gets a Taste

 Dredge, James Meat, & Zowie Fenderblast. Contains the 1989 self-titled EP (tracks 12 thru 17). No longer available from Touch & Go.

The Lee Harvey Oswald Band – A Taste of Prison, Touch & Go, 1994.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –
Theme Fenderblast
Jesus Never Lived on Mars
Mamma’s All Right
Amen, Man
The Bowel of Rock & Roll
Junior’s Farm
Getting It On / Off
Roadside Full of Tammy
Van Gogh & the Chemical Haze
Steam Roller Dogie
Getting Wasted with the Vampires
Boss Hoss
Lightning Strikes
Mad Dog (live Germany 1989)
When the Satans Come Marching In

Bullet to the Brain,


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  2. I remember these guys for "Rocket 69" (later covered by the Wildhearts) Zowie Fenderblast was Rick Didjit, right?

    1. Yeah, Rick (Didjits - Deadly Cupcake - Gaza Strippers - Lee Harvey Oswald Band - The Supersuckers) Sims. This thing came with drag/sleaze photos, Japanese notes, & phony band bio (beside the kinda kiddie-porn cover). High weirdness.