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10 February 2016

Finally, Some DUB Again

This bashy offering is from mi key Dub-fanatic Jonder. I wanted his compilation to be the first Dub of the new year here. Let’s get wit da rockas & have us a bangarang, bwoys.

The website skysaw.org is an invaluable resource for the adventures of Adrian Sherwood and his merry men. The site's Rhythm Directory reveals that a number of songs released by the On-U collective known as Singers & Players were also issued in Dub versions, mostly on albums by Dub Syndicate. Dub Syndicate was a collective as well, with Lincoln "Style" Scott the only consistent member from 1982's Pounding System through 2015's Hard Food (released a few months after Scott's death). Five albums credited to Singers & Players were released by On-U between 1981 and 1988.

Like the Jamaican producers who inspired him, Sherwood remixes and reuses his source material, issuing new dubs and versions often re-titled and credited to different artists. Over 250 rhythms have been traced back to their original On-U recordings by the dub detectives of the Rhythm Directory.

Singers & Players In Dub is a mix that alternates S&P songs with their corresponding Dubs, as identified in the Rhythm Directory. For me, listening to the songs in this order heightens my appreciation of the talented singers, the musicians of the Dub Syndicate, and the inspired madness of the man behind the mixing desk. Thanks to the host of skysaw.org and its contributors, and respect to the late Style Scott, Prince Far I, Mikey Dread and Bim Sherman.
Jonder Underneathica

Devious Woman - Singers & Players featuring Bim Sherman
Last Sane Dream - Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers
Fit to Survive - Singers & Players featuring Bim Sherman
Threat to Creation - Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers
Bedward the Flying Preacher - Singers & Players featuring Prince Far I
Pounding System - Dub Syndicate
Dog Park - Singers & Players featuring Prince Far I
Hi Fi Gets a Pounding - Dub Syndicate
School Days - Singers & Players featuring Mikey Dread
Ascendant Part 6 - Dub Syndicate
A Matter of Time - Singers & Players featuring Bim Sherman
Substyle - Dub Syndicate
Snipers in the Street - Singers & Players featuring Congo Ashanti Roy
Drainpipe Rats - Dub Syndicate
Boof Um Baff Um - Singers & Players Feat. Delroy Cat
Boof Um Baff - Dub Syndicate - Boof Um Baff

Thanks Bredda Hope…
Enjoy All,


  1. Bless you, Nathan! The cover that you made for my mix is a real treat.

    1. I noticed that in the ID3 tags you had all the original cover art, so I thought I'd make a cover for the whole shebang. Left out Delroy & Mikey, but got the other Singers. All thanks, however, goes to you, dear friend. A real treasure, this. Takes a lot of work to compile the tracks & sources into a coherent whole. Most appreciated & an honor to have you at the ole NSS.

  2. Just discovered this interesting blog and the link is working ! This is going to be good ! Thank you very much.....greetz from germany

    1. Welcome aboard & greetings to Germany. I try to keep the links working. If you find any problems, let me know. My external hard drive fried a little while back & I am trying to put things back together, but will always do the best I can.