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15 February 2016

Lois --- By Request

I while back I posted up some Courtney Love (the band, not the hole). CL was the brainchild of Lois Maffeo or The Lois. At that time I also included Butterfly Kiss by Lois (the band, also Lois Maffeo). Here are three other offerings under the Lois moniker, a full length & two 7"ers.

Lois – The Strumpet, K Records Klp21, 1993.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –
Evening in Paris
Return (Your Turn)
The Trouble with Me
Sugar Rush
Wet Eyes
From a Heart
Danger UXB
The Way I Feel Inside (acapella Zombies cover – Damn you, Wes Anderson)

The Strumpet is: Lois Maffeo – guitar & vocals; Steve Peters – guitar;  Donna Dresch – bass; Stephen Immerwahr – bass & vocals; & Molly Neuman – drums.

Lois – Press Play & Record 7'' 45,
K Records IPU30 (International Pop Underground Vol. XXX), 1992.

Side A –
Press Play & Record

Side B –
Long Time Gone

Press Play & Record: Lois Maffeo – guitar & vocals; Stuart Moxham – bass; & Molly Neuman – drums.

Lois – The Trouble with Me 7'' 45,
K Records IPU40 (International Pop Underground Vol. XXXX), 1993.

Side A –
The Trouble with Me

Side B –
Page Two

The Trouble with Me: Lois Maffeo – guitar & singing; Stephen Immerwahr – bass (Side A); Donna Dresch – bass (Side B); & Molly Neuman – drums.


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