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14 February 2016

Just Another Gloomy Sunday

Was listening to Billie Holiday’s version of  "Gloomy Sunday" tonight. I immediately thought I wanted to hear Diamanda Galás' version from her covers album The Singer. When I was searching around for that tune I dug out these two bootlegs from the Scream Queen Extraordinaire that I thought I could use to torture all you music lovers.

First, recorded live at Castlefranco Emilia Teatro Dada May 09, 1992. Diamanda's album The Singer had just been released & here she covers the…well…covers.

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?
Let My People Go
Balm in Gilead/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Judgement Day
My Love Will Never Die
Cris D’aneugle
Reap What You Sow
See That My Grave is Kept Clean
Insane Asylum
Gloomy Sunday
I Put a Spell on You
At the Dark End of the Street
Let My People Go (again)

Secondly, recorded by David Homes on Sony DAT with Radio Shack PZM mics at Gammage Auditorium, Arizona State Univesity, Tempe, Arizona December 02, 1994 with John Paul Jones. This tour was in support of the album The Sporting Life w/ John Paul Jones. Contains several non-album numbers, including "Communication Breakdown".

Do You Take This Man?
Dark End of the Street
You Gotta Move
Devil’s Radio
Let’s not Chat
Last Man Down
Baby’s Insane
The Sporting Life
You’re Mine
Communication Breakdown

Drag out the earplugs, the show is about to begin,


  1. Yes! Thank you for posting these. Love Diamanda. Hope all's well with you.

  2. Oh, yeah, these gonna be perfect for a chilly Sunday mornin'. Cheers as always.

    Hope this finds you well.


    1. Well, I guess I touched a right note with a coupla dear friends. Thanks Xtm & SS. Happy St. Valentine's Day Massacre.