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03 February 2016

Residents Unknown

I previously posted up another entirely different sort of offering from C.W. Vrtacek (Ver – tass' – ik) & Dancing Lessons called Monkey on a Hard Roll. Here's another tastee morsel of wonderful insanity.

I found this over at the strangely different now Willard’s Wormhole from someone tagged Zed (no #s any more???). Thought I’d share it with ya'll.

From the tape insert:

"This is a parody. A parody is a satirical imitation of something. This is an imitation of the underground recording group The Residents. It is in NO WAY connected with or authorized by The Residents, Ralph Records, or the Cryptic Corp.  It Is also in NO WAY representative of my own musical output, which can be heard on the award winning, #1 album "Victory Through Grace" and the forthcoming "Days And Days" (which is different from "Victory..."). Confused? Don't feel bad, it happens to me all the time."

Here is a comment posted on a music blog by C.W. Vrtacek (Charles O'Meara) in response to critics accusing him of plagiarizing the sound of The Residents:

"hi i'm C.W. Vrtacek, the guy who created the Residents parody. my real legal name by the way is Charles O'Meara.

let's get a few things straight...by the time i did the residents parody i had already recorded two solo albums, i didn't "copy" the residents sound, it isn't representative of what i do, it was JOKE because i know "the inidividuals responsible" for the residents sound, i.e., i knew "their real names"...so it was just an inside joke that circulated to some friends at the time...chris cutler, david thomas, a few others i forget, probably fred frith...

in a lot of ways i wish i had never done that thing because people keep digging it up without realizing that i've recorded BUNCH of solo albums, that i'm a member of Biota, that i've collaborated with Nick Didkovsky, Chris Cutler, Steve MacLean, Thomas DiMuzio and others and released five albums with my band Forever Einstein...


Everything on Now Available  was done by C.W. hisself. Kool, eh?

C.W. Vrtacek – Now Available single-sided cassette, Leisure Time Records, 1983.

Tracklist –

Now Available:
     Pt. 1 – Who are The Residents
     Pt. 2 – Tailored Lunacy
     Pt. 3 – enoynA ekiL tsuJ
     Pt. 4 –  reprise
     Pt. 5 – On the Eighth Day
     Pt. 6. – Direct from Shreveport



  1. I have some of Biota and I've heard of C.W. Vrtacek (and I have one track of Vrtacek from =Unsettled Scores=), and I've never heard of =Now Available=. But I will now, thank you.

    How could people accuse Vrtacek of ripping off the Residents? Don't they know the concept of parody?? Jay-sus.

    1. I guess it wasn't obvious enough that "a parody" on the cover meant it was a parody. Thanks for the comment.