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25 February 2016

For Zonk Ludlow

Here's Malcolm X & Keith's first two…

Malcolm X – No Sell Out 12" 45, Tommy Boy 12IS165, 1984.

Side A –
No Sell Out (vocal track)

Side B –
No Sell Out (instrumental track)
bonus track – No Sell Out (Kick the Beat demo version 2013)

Major Malfunction (cover mis-titled Major Malfuction [sic]) is basically the Sugar Hill Band with Nick Plytas tickling the 88s & Adrian Sherwood at the controls. I added "Einstein Mad Dub" as a bonus track 'cuz I wanted to post up my Einstein vinyl 12" but can't seem to locate it right now (but I will---& "Einstein Mad Dub" was on the MM re-issue, so). Until then…

Keith LeBlanc – Major Malfunction, World Records WR005, 1986.
all decryptioncodes in comments

Side 1 –
Get This
Major Malfunction
Heaven on Earth
Object-Subject (Breakdown's not Enough)

Side 2 –
I’ll Come up with Something
Technology Works Dub
You Drummers Listen Good

bonus track – Einstein Mad Dub

Keith LeBlanc – Stranger than Fiction, Enigma Records 7 73364-1, 1989.

Side 1 –
But Whitey
Here's Looking at You
Count This

Side 2 –
Men in Capsules
Dream World
These Sounds
Mechanical Movements
Comedy of Errors

bonus track – Mechanical Movements Dub ('cuz you can never have too much Dub)



  1. Major

  2. zonk ludlow2/26/16, 2:39 AM

    Cheers, appreciation to you in abundance.

  3. I am SO looking forward to listening to this. I've had Dream World on a mixtape for years but have always been unable to track down the album it came from. Thanks so much.

  4. Where did you find that Malcolm X "No Sell Out (Kick the Beat demo version 2013)" track? I'm a big KLB fan and curious whether it was an actual demo from back in the day or something from 2013. It sounds old school, but I'm not sure.

    1. I founf it on Soundcloud. Dec. 20. 2013. By Lutz Flensburg.
      Not an actual demo from "back in the day". Just added it as a bonus for LeBlancers.

  5. Great blog, i saved it in my fvs.
    I have tons of dvds with mp3 file.
    Mostly is punk,postp,noise,indstrl,hxc,thrsh,blck.

    I extend my fls to you if you like it.
    Saludos desde Chile.

    1. I don't know if you stay current with my situation here at NSS, but a few months back I lost the majority of my musick files due to computer meltdown. I would love to check ou "tons of...mp3".

      I you contact me here with any information, it will not go public as all comments are moderated by me before publishing.

      Thank you so much.