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16 July 2013


Vagif Azizovich Mustafa-zadeh was born March 16, 1940 in Baku, Azerbaijan. He is a jazz pianist & composer. One of the first virtuosos & founders of the Azeri jazz movement. He graduated from the A. Zeynalli Music College in Baku in 1959, having studied piano. In 1963 he formed his first group, the trio Caucasus in Tbilisi. He had several other groups during his musical career, the female vocal quartet Leyli (1970-71) & Sevil (1972-77). Vagif died in 1979 in Tashkent.

Although this is jazz, Vagif’s piano sounds like a blues version of Turkish zantuuri, or Eastern European cymbalum.

 Vagif Mustafa-zadeh – Self-titled, Мелодия, 1976. 
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Tracklist -

Aman Ovçu
“Bayati Şiraz”
Ay Pəri
Qizil Üzük

These rare vinyls reflects the innovative & edgy work of the legendary pianist Vagif Mustafa-zadeh, who created a brilliant fusion of jazz with the Azerbaijani ethnic music (mugham). These release are from his own vinyl collection.

The first disc (1974) features a trio of Vagif Mustafa-zadeh – piano, David Koifman –contrabass, & Arkady Dadashyan – drums.

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Side A –
Азиза (Aziza)
При Свидетелях (Witnessed)
Клавиши, Щетки, Струны (Keys, Brooms, Strings)
Весной (In Spring)
Кавказ (The Caucasus)

Side B -
Импровизация (Improvisation)
На Рассвете (Sunrise)
Смотри, Не Ошибись (Try not to Make a Mistake)
Всего Шесть Тактов (Only Six Squares)

The second (1976) is solo works of Vagif on organ & piano, some tracks are over-dubbed.

Vagif Mustafa-zadeh - Jazz Compositions 1976, Melodiya С 06407-408, 1976.
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Side A –

Ритм (Rhythm)
Бакинец (From Baku)
Со Временем В Ногу (Keeping Up with Time)
Характер (Character - No. 1)
Ночной Прелюд (Night Prelude)
В Москве (In Moscow)

Side B -
На Репетиции (At the Rehearsal)
Март Месяц (March)
Восемнадцатого Числа (On the 18th of the Month)
Севиль (Sevil)
Сколько Возможностей (Opportunities)
Неожиданно (Suddenly)


Aziza Mustafa-Zadeh is a classically trained pianist & singer from Azerbaijan, She is the daughter of Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh & Eliza Khanom, a noted singer. Aziza’s music is a blend of jazz, classical piano, & Azerbaijan folk.

Dance of Fire is a blend of worldly influences which makes for a rocking piano-based "exotic" album centered around Zadeh's excellent piano playing & vocals. It is fleshed out by an impressive cast: Al DiMeola - acoustic guitar; Bill Evans – sax; Kai Eckhardt Karpeh de Camargo & Stanley Clarke – bass; & Omar Hakim - drums.

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh -Dance of Fire, Columbia Records, 1995.
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Tracklist –

Dance of Fire
Bana Bana Gel (Bad Girl)
Spanish Picture
To Be Continued

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  2. Totally into these. Thanks again.

    1. These areas (Georgia & Azerbaijan as well as many of the 'stans to come), being more aligned with the old Soviet Bloc, have a perhaps more Western sound. Glad they utilized the traditional ethnic stylings as well. Glad you're still along for the journey.