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03 July 2013

Saudi Arabia

Waed is a Saudi musician & entertainer. Her real name is Hanan Bakr Younes (حنان بكر يونس). Her professional name Waed means ‘promise’ in Arabic. Her father Bakr Younes was one of the Saudi Broadcasting Channel founders. At the age of 7, Waed's appeared on TV where she sang on a children's program, her sisters (she has five & one brother) were the announcers.

She had always loved music & after getting a taste of performing at such an early age, she knew what she wanted for her future…to be a great singer. To her good fortune, she had the talent to pursue her dream.

In 2001, she released her first album Jonoun. She won a Grammy at the Arabic Song Festival held in Beirut for the title track. She is a wonderfully grounded, passionate, & has an amazing sense of humor. In 2003 Waed released her second album Wejhat Nazar. The songs are song in Khaliji (also called Gulf Arabic, a dialect of the Arabic language spoken around the shores of the Persian Gulf), Egyptian, & Lebanese.

This is her third album, Ya Ahlahom, from 2007. Guest artists on the album include some of the best in the Gulf: Tarek Abou Jaoudeh; Hadi Charara; Riyad El Hamshari; Nicolas Saade Nakhle; & Ramy Ayach. This album once again has a great blend of Arabic musical styles of Lebanese pop, Khaliji ballads, & Egyptian tunes all on one colorful release.

 Waed - Ya Ahlahom, 2007. 
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Tracklist -

Inta Hayati
Mani Le'ba
Ra'shet Albi
Ala Min
Ya Ahlahom
Ma Teftekersh
Sanam Jaamed
Eb'ed Anni


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