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06 July 2013

United Arab Emirates

Fayez Al Saeed is a prominent singer from the United Arab Emirates. He was born on October 4th, 1974. He was studying literature & singing at weddings & ceremonies when he was noticed by the composer Moussa Mohamed. Moussa believed that Fayez had a rare talent & helped him get his start in music.

In 1996, Fayez collaborated with some of the most well known names in the Arab music world, like Cheikh Mohamed Ben Rashed Al Maktoum & Khaled Abdul Rahman for the release of his first album entitled Mashakel. This first album was a huge success. Its success led to many concerts all around the Arab world.

Fayez’s strong voice helped him receive an award from the Emirati Youth & Sports Ministry for a song by the Lebanese cultural icon Wadiah Al Safi. Using his skills he had honed studying literature, in 2000 Fayez composed the song “Ghayart Rayi” for the famous singer Rim El Mahmoudi. That same year, he participated, along with Hussain Al Jassmi & Samar, in the production of an operetta paying tribute to people of Palestine. Fayez has since composed a song for the disabled & another one dedicated to mothers in collaboration with the singer Rim El Mahmoudi. In 2008, he recorded his second album Sharid which was also a huge success. 2009 saw the release of the opus Raw’a. Sarokh is his latest outing.

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Tracklist –

Bent El Lazina
El Saraha
Hallo Aeny
Samany Soutak
Fas Malh
Regly Ala Reglak
Barra Barra
Lam Lam
Daq Hewa
La Barek
Many Fady
60 Geneh
Mafeny Ella Elkher


Ahlam Ali Al Shamsi (أحلام علي الشامسي‎) was born in Abu Dhabi in 1968. She is professionally known as Ahlam (أحلام‎). Her father is Ali Bin Hazim Al Shamsi (from Dubai, UAE) & her mother is Fawzia Hazeem (from Bahrain).

Ahlam lived the early part of her childhood in Bahrain, then returned to the UAE, where she completed high school & Islamic studies at the University of Dubai. Ahlam started her singing career when she was a little child. As is the custom, she used to sing in school plays & national ceremonies. Through this she was noticed by the Kuwaiti music composer, Anwar Abdullah.

This union led Ahlam to sign a contract with Funoon Al Emarat, a local Gulf-Music production company. Anwar Abdullah also assisted her with the release of her debut self-titled album (Ahlam 95). Today Ahlam is considered among the most famous female singers in the Gulf. She is one of the most famous, wealthiest Arab singers. In 2003, she married Qatari rally car racer Mubarak Alhajiri.

 Ahlam - Ahsan (أحسن‎), Alam El Phan, 2003. 
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Tracklist -

Allah Ei’ein Qolubhum
Leih Mitdhayiq
Ya Wahishna
Bab el-Leil
La Ti’eid
La Taqoul
Lak ‘Ouyuni
Tagheir el-Waqit



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