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10 July 2013


Kadim Al Sahir ( كاظم الساهر ) was born on September 12, 1957 in Mosul, Iraq. His mother is from Najaf & his father, though he grew up in Alhurrya City in Baghdad, was from Samarra (a member of the Albu Daraj). Although most of his family was opposed to Kadim becoming a musician because they had no faith in his being successful, instead wanting him to become a doctor or a lawyer, he got full support from his mother, who recognized his talent. His brother once took him to a local cafe, full of out of work musicians & warned him that Kadim would end up the same as them.

Now Kadim is hailed as a true star of Arabic music. He is a successful singer, composer, & poet. He has been dubbed as the ‘Robbie Williams of the Middle East’ & ‘Iraq’s Diplomatic Ambassador to the World’.

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Tracklist –

El Mahakama
Ween Elbab
600 Bosa
Mo Tabe'ei
El Jarida
Nemt We Helemt
El Rasem Belkalimat


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