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13 July 2013


3 Hür-El is an Anadolu rock band which was founded in 1970 by Onur, Haldun, & Feridun Hür-el, three Turkish brothers. The original name for the band was Yankılar but after realizing that there was another band named Yankılar, they changed their name to İstanbul Dörtlüsü (İstanbul Quartet). Later they performed under the names Trio İstanbul, Oğuzlar, Alizeler, Biraderler, & finally 3 Hür-El.

Feridun Hür-el was responsible for all the bands lyrics & compositions. His compositions involve a unique instrument, which is a double necked instrument: one neck is electric guitar;  the other one is a Turkish saz. The music is supported by Haldun on  hand made drum & percussion set & Onur on bass guitar.

Their sound combines Anatolian folk music style with western progressive rock, creating a one-of-a-kind original synthesis in both Turkish music & progressive rock history. 3 Hür-el throughout their career stayed true to their unique sound, never playing cover songs, neither on albums, nor on stage. Their creative approach to music helped them to gain nation-wide fame.

Hürel Arsivi, the bands second release, is an excellent album of Turkish psychedelic rock, a legendary sound.highly recommended for anyone interested in the Turkish psych/prog scene. It is probably their greatest effort, with incredible guitar/saz playing, amazing rhythms, & cool psych vocals.

 3 Hür-El - Hürel Arsivi, Diskotür, 1976. 
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Side A –
Kol Basti
Mutluluk Bizim Olsun
Canim Kurban
Gönül Sabreyleye Sabreyleye
Kücük Yaramaz

Side B –
Aglarsa Anam Aglar
Ömür Biter Yol Bitmez
Sevenler Aglarmis
Döner Dünya


Rashit is a Turkish punk rock band founded in Istanbul in 1993 by Tolga Ozbey - guitar, Adem Kurt - vocals, Murat Yesil – bass, & Gokhan Tuncisler - drums. They are considered to be the first Turkish punk band. They were inspiration to many other Turkish punk bands during the late 1990s.

Tolga was inspired by The Clash, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, & Dirty Rotten Imbeciles during his early years. Tolga had numerous involvements in many temporary underground groups during this period. One of his groups named Sert Itham was set to record a split demo with Japanese punk group Argue Damnation but after a long hung-over night Tolga could not make it to the Post Office the next day & missed out sending the song. He stated that he still keeps the record as a remembrance.

After a couple of demo tapes, Rashit had a split 7” with another Turkish band Ask It Why entitled Kadiköy’den Hareketler. Rashit also recorded a split tape with English punk band Active Minds.

Due to continuous personal conflicts among members the group broke up in 1998, Tolga joined yet another punk group as a bass player. Up to this time, most releases were just gigs recorded unprofessionally, almost always copied with a regular cassette player at home & distributed personally by the band members.

In 1999 Tolga formed Rashit once again with the new members Oğuz Taktak - vocals & Atilla Kircelli – guitar, with Tolga playing bass once more. The same year their first full length album Telaşa Mahal Yok was released by Kod Muzik. Throughout 1999 & 2000 the band tours & played live concerts. Them activities went on hold for around a year while Tolga went to New York. When Tolga got back the group reformed with new recruits Orkun Tunc - drums & Bülent Kabas – bass which gave Tolga the opportunity to return to guitar. In 2001 Rashit relased another 7” Taksim’de Bangyjumping through Dutch Kroket Records. Due to financial issues with Kod Muzik, Rashid signed a contract with Ada Muzik in 2002.

Now with a new label & a solid line-up, the group went on to release two more albums. Adam Olmak İstemiyorum was released through Ada Muzik & then Herşeyin Bir Bedeli Var was picked up by Sony Music. These two albums helped Rashit gain recognition both locally & internationally.

On Adam Olmak İstemiyorum, Rashit are: Oguz Taktak – vocals; Tolga Ozbey & Levent Ozer – guitars; Bülent Kabas – bass; & Orkun Tunc – drums. This CD version has two bonus tracks not available on the cassette.

 Rashit - Adam Olmakİstemiyorum (You Do not Want to Be a Man), Ada Muzik 234, 2003. 
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Tracklist –

Kısır Döngü
Ağlama Değmez Hayat
Çok Mu Zor?
Küreselleşme Dehşeti
Gerçeğe Hazır Mısın
Aç Gözlerini
Sakın İnanma
2001 Yazı
Kalp Hastası
Özgür Basın

bonus tracks –
100% Maço
Öldüren Eğlence




  1. My favorite Turkish psychedelics are Mogollar and Mustapha Özkent.

    1. icastico has sent a link for Mustapha Özkent. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check these out. So much musick, glad for all the suggestions of various other music that I haven't posted. Will give myself & others more pleasure to hear.

  2. Turkey is a daunting place to cover musically...so diverse. Here's one from Mustafa Ozkent.

    "Mustafa Özkent's LP “Genclik ile elele” was released in 1973 under the label of Evren Plak, serial number 1003.

    Mustafa Özkent started his career as a musician in 1960 with his youngsters band “Teenagers”, located in Ankara. It was called so, as no member was older than 19. Later on, he formed his own band, the “Mustafa Özkent Orkestrasi” and cut some singles and this LP. The LP “Elif” seems to be a solo work of Özkent, as only his name is on the cover.

    Özkent was a demanded studio musician, too. For example he participated at the Özel Türkbas belly dance album “Alla-Turca - The Turkish Way With Özel”. (El-Ay Records 2982; 1975). He is also known as a composer and arranger and still cuts albums. His latest LP “Dijital gitar” was released in 2005." Akin Erkan

    "Gençlik Ile Elele" album is an odd combination of A-Go-Go, funk, psychedelica, loose improvisation without in advance too melodically structured ideas, based upon an Anatolian folk inspired crossover style. Very "western", and at the same time exotic. A great album.

  3. Gökçen Kaynatan is another unique Turkish artist.


    Gökçen started out in the early 60′s playing in the band Kara Kediler, and then with Somer Soyata Orkestrası. He was considered to be “the greatest show musician” and had a minor hit with The Shadows inspired song “Moda”. However, due to his frustration with young band members constantly leaving and returning, resulting in a very inconsistent band, he decided “to make music without human players”.

    So, he became one of the first experimental electronic pop musicians and by the late 60′s he was performing live concerts in Istanbul. Gökçen apparently had access to the latest equipment from the Maestro catalog, including the Echoplex and Rhythm’n’Sound (both effects are featured promently on this song). He eventually went on to set up the first electronic music studio in Turkey, and worked with Baris Manço.


    1. Thanks for these. Andrew above mentioned Mustapha Özkent & you sent a link. Great minds think alike, I guess. Educating me as I stumble along. Much appreciated.

  4. 3 Hür-El

  5. Turkish rock can be very interesting. Some of it sounds a lot like 60s British psychedelia because the Brits borrowed so much from the Turks and the Turkish teenagers heard the same explosion of British music as the rest of the world. So it is both familiar and exotic.

    Try this site. http://turkishpsychedelicmusic.wordpress.com/

    1. Couldn't agree with you more. The interchange made that "total is greater than the sum of the parts" really ring true. Loving the Turkish psych sounds. Thanks to everyone for added here. thanks for the link.