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02 July 2013


In 1997, the Jordanian government labeled all metal groups as Satanic. They have arrested dozens of band members. Between 2002 & 2005, the handful of stores that sold heavy metal music closed down or changed their line of business. Conservatives says Jordanians who play heavy metal (or other western music) raise alarms about what they call a lost Arab identity. Many of the Jordanian people see someone with long hair, they automatically think that they worship the devil. The Muslim fundamentalists view metal music as a reflection of the state of  the cultural vacuum in which Arab youth live. So here is some devilish Jordanian metal.


Exile was founded by guitarist Nader Natsheh in 2008, when he brought the other members together to jam, things clicked, & they decided to form a band. Nader & Hasan Al Dalleh were friends. They had jammed before, but wanted to get more serious. Then they met Mahmoud Tayyem, a drummer who was also interested in the same musical style. They continued playing together & recorded this demo album in Tayyem's basement with SymphoQueen Production. The demo is entitled Death Thrashers Rising which is a name that depicts their passion to old school 80s thrash metal. The band was supposed to perform at the first Pyramids Metal Festival in Egypt as an opening act for the British legends Napalm Death, but the organizers of the event postponed the event due to the situation in Egypt (Arab Spring).

Although they formed in 2008, it was February 2011 before they played their first live gig because of the government oppression of metal music. They played at Do Rock, in Istanbul, Turkey. Recently they played a gig in Jordan, their first live show in their own country. Metal music is not allowed, but sometimes the authorities allow it for unknown reason.

On Dead Thrashers Rising, Exile are: Nader Natsheh – vocals & guitar; Hasan Al Dalleh – bass; & Mahmoud Tayyem – drums.

 Exile – Dead Thrashers Rising 4-song demo, Symphoqueen, 2010.
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Tracklist –

Intro – Ignorant is What You Are
Dead Thrashers Rising


Forgive Me is basically the solo project of Lozmodial aka Lord Azmo & some friends from Amman, Jordan. Their music has been called depressive black metal. The lyrics are not the typical devil worshipping, anti-religious lyrics of black metal, but the riffs are, but the speed is faster, more reminiscent of doom metal. Lozmodial is a prolific musician. He has had other projects; a doom metal project called Lord Azmo; a melodic black death metal project called lost lust; & his main project Forgive Me. The name Forgive Me is taken from singer Dalida (Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti)’s suicide note: "La vie m'est insupportable... Pardonnez-moi." ("Life has become unbearable…forgive me").

On Last Drop of Life, Forgive Me are: Lozmodial aka Lord Azmo – vocals & all instruments (except second guitar); Divine Mo’rabe – second guitar; & Rami Manson – agonized screams. This s the first Depressive Black Metal full-length album from the Arabian countries.

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Tracklist -

January : Entrance for the Ending
Funerals of Birth
The Old Railway
Into the Shroud
Springtime Depression (Forgotten Tomb cover)
My Wrecked Branch
December : Last Smile of Leaving

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  1. Exile
    Forgive Me

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    1. It's Hammer time.

      Glad you straightened this all out.

      Glad that the "valorous police" keep Jordan 4th safest country. Keep it up & you'll beat North Korea for No. 1. We wouldn't want metalheads hiding in secret houses in rich parts of Amman listening to Panthera (sic) & performing certain mutilations.

      That's about all I could understand before the "religious people's" bullshit got too deep & I started drowning in laughter. Wish the PUBLIC SECURITY could keep ME safe. I need someone to tell me what I should be doing for my own good.

      Those crazy metalheads & their resolute haughtiness, kicked from their parent's monetary heavens. What will the try next???

      Cont'd...I think not

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