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07 June 2014

After On-u, the Twilight Circus

The sun is slipping below the western horizon & a slow cooling is creeping in to bring a modicum of relief from the heat. Good time to heat things up here at NSS...

Other than On-U Sound, Zoviet France, & Muslimgauze, the Legendary Pink Dots is another band that I hold in high regard. In the early 90s, Ryan Moore moved to the Netherlands & became bass player then drummer for LPD from 1992 - 2000.

Moore began as a bassist in the Vancouver, Canada music scene in the early 1980s. He was active in the nexus forged between punk rock & reggae, taking inspiration from the DIY ethic, which led him to begin his own label, M Records. In the late 1980s, Moore became part of the Nettwerk Records stable of artists & musicians where he remained for several years, working with numerous artists including Skinny Puppy's side project, Hilt, pop artists Lava Hay, Single Gun Theory, Sarah McLachlan, & The Final Cut.

In 1991, as mentioned above, he relocated to the Netherlands & became a vital element in the Legendary Pink Dots. The 90s was perhaps the Renaissance of LPD. In addition to a busy schedule of touring & recording with the Legendary Pink Dots, Moore also recorded with Skinny Puppy, on Edward Ka-Spel solo projects, & Tear Garden (with Ka-Spel & cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy). He also worked with the Canadian producer Darryl Neudorf's Miller Block studio collective. At this same musically fertile time (1995) he released the first record in his dub project Twilight Circus (In Dub Vol. 1).

As well as his work as a bass player, Moore toured as a live percussionist with the tribal techno outfit, Exquisite Corpse (ex-Psychick Warriors ov Gaia member Robert Heynen & Debbie Jones’ project), playing at clubs on the 90s UK rave scene. A 1996 world tour as additional live drummer with the Skinny Puppy offshoot Download saw Moore moving into the role of live drummer, a role that he then filled on later tours & albums with the Pink Dots.

Since 2001, Ryan Moore has primarily been active with Twilight Circus Dub Sound System where he has worked with numerous reggae musicians including, Sly Dunbar, Dean Fraser, Big Youth, Gregory Isaacs, Sugar Minott, Chinna Smith, Vin Gordon, & Ansel Collins. Being a Dub fanatic with virtually unlimited access to recording studio equipment has allowed Moore’s knob twisting tendencies to blossom to full Dub Station status. In the studio, multi-instrumentalist Moore plays & mixes all the tracks himself.

Twilight Circus Dub Sound System – Dub Plate Selection Volume Two, M Records LP 180, 1999.
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Side Palm –
Bord Plate
New Rockers
Shaka Version
Dance Plate

Side Banana –
Binshaker Dub Plate
Kik Plate
Killer Version
Filter 13 (Ultra Dub)


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