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07 June 2014

Burroughs Called the Law

Jonder also made a compilation called 21st Century Dub. I listened to that one first because it started out with the song "Well Well Well Dub" by Grace Jones from her 2008 album Hurricane. I really like that tune so I began there.

Let me tell you, there was a surprise to my ears that I’ve got to tell you about & post up a track from here. There was a track called "Prisoner of the Earth". It was a great slab of dub & featured that NSS fave curmudgeon literary genius William S. Burroughs. It was a 2014 release called William S. Burroughs In Dub (conducted by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill) on Echo Beach. 

So…Dub…Burroughs…I had to have it. I got the CD, slapped it in my player, threw on some headphones & punched play. The first song, presented here, is titled "Burroughs Called the Law". A few second in, I was laughing so hard I fell off my chair. Tears were streaming down my face. The Black Dahlia thought I’d finally gone completely 'round the bend. Let me say, it is the most hilariously great song I have heard in quite some time. So I’m asking everyone to…PLEASE!!!...check this sucka out.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill band are: Markus Meier – guitar; Marcel Stalder – bass; Philipp Greter – keyboard; & Julian Dillier - drums.

Philipp Greter was asked who his favorite Dub artists are, & his list was almost a perfect match to mine…all the usual suspects…King Tubby, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Scientist, et al. He also said one of his favorites today is Umberto Echo (hear the Dub Spencer / Trance Hill song on the following release.)

Umberto Echo aka Philipp Winter is a Munich based record producer, sound engineer & dub activist. He has released four dub albums on Enja Records & Echo Beach under the Umberto Echo moniker. Umberto contributed to over 100 albums, engineering &/or producing in a wide range of genres since he started in 1999. His credits include Quadro Nuevo, Jamaram, Dub Inc., Jojo Mayer, Josh Roseman as well as remixes for artists such as Abdullah Ibrahim, Seeed, Gentleman, Steelpulse, & Sly & Robbie. Check this out for a taste of today’s dub sounds.

Umberto Echo – Dub the World, Echo Beach EB074, 2010.
decryption code in comments

Tracklist –

Dem Gone Dub – Gentleman
Love Letter Dub – Katchafire
Day by Day Dub – Rastasize (featuring Sly & Robbie)
No More Weapons Dub – Steel Pulse (featuring Damian Marley)
Metissage Dub – Dub Inc.
Rise Up Dub – Oneness (featuring Buju Banton & Naptali
Un Deseo Dub – Cultura Profética
Breaking Codes Dub – Up Bustle Out (featuring Kalaf)
I Doo Voodoo Dub – Dubblestandart (featuring Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
City Light Dub – Stereo MCs
Aufstehn Dub – Seeed (featuring Cee-Lo Green)
Ye Gou Shan Dub – Jiang Liang
Island Dub – Smoke
Waiting for the Light Dub – The Red Eyes
Galli Dani Dub – Dub Spencer & Trance Hill


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