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12 June 2014

Chuck D sez Bring the Noise

For all you prison enthusiasts out there, the oubliette is the top-of-the-line dungeon. An oubliette has only one escape route, through a trap door in its ceiling.

An oubliette is very well constructed from the captor's point of view. With the only entrance & exit being in the ceiling far above where the prisoner stands, escape is pretty much impossible. You may have seen oubliettes depicted in horror movies, that unsuspecting place where the psycho killer keeps his victim(s).

Seth Oubliette is a harsh noisehead artist living in Clyo, Georgia. That might be a dungeon with only one way out, I’m just saying.

Oubliette & Blue Shift – Mock Live Tour cassette, Obelisk Sounds OBE027, 2007.
all decryption codes in comments

(Mock) tour cassette featuring collaborative performances.

Side A –
Untitled 1 - 8

Side B –
Untitled 1 - 6

Gem Of Skin & Oubliette ‎– Gem Of Skin / Oubliette split cassette,
Ford The River ‎– FTR 007, 2007.

Edition of 100, hand numbered.

Side A – Oubliette
Infected Cut
Blue Rupies
A1 recorded in Savannah, GA 2007. A2 recorded in Clyo, GA 2007.

Side B – Gem of Skin
Diamond Jubilee
Coral Snake Milk
B recorded at the Greenhouse, December 2006, Winter Park, FL.

Oubliette – Wrestle Wall Crunch EP, 77industry 77.32, 2009.

Tracklist –
Wrestle Wall Crunch
Keyboard for Dave

Get those fingers outta yo ears,

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