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03 June 2014

More More Mori

More More Ikue Mori.

Here’s another one from a NSS fave, Ikue Mori. Part of Sonic Youth’s Perspectives Musicales series.

Kim Gordon-DJ Olive-Ikue Mori - ミュージカル パ一スペクティブ 2x12",
Sonic Youth Records SYR 5, 2000.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
Olive’s Horn
International Spy
Paperbag / Orange Laptop

Side B –
Neu Adult
Stuck on Gum
Fried Mushroom

Side C –
What Do You Want? (Kim)
We Are the Princesses

Side D –
Take Me Back (featuring Yuka Honda)
Take it to the Hit



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  2. Thank you! I used to have this on CD, way back in the day--I will be very glad to be able to hear it again.