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25 June 2014

I Bring You...FIRE!!!

You may know Arthur (Wilton) Brown from his late 60s Crazy World. Yes, the 'God of Hellfire'. Fast forward a decade plus. This is from the period of time Brown was living in Texas. Here Brown has teamed up with Craig Leon. Craig Leon is an American composer & producer who is credited with the discovery & early promotion of such bands as Talking Heads & The Ramones. Brown is assisted here by David Flipse & M.H. Kollaart.

Recorded at Lone Star Studio, Austin, Texas. Mixed by Earl Mankey at his Back Room Studio, Thousand Oaks, California. Classic crazy Brown with an electro-twist. Reminds me a lot of another favorite of mine, Nash the Slash with the awesome addition of Brown’s signature 4-octave baritone voice. If you’re not sure, check out the God of Hellfire's version of "Not Fade Away". Quintessential.

Arthur Brown & Craig Leon – Speaknotech picture disc, Republic Records 9860, 1982.
decryption codes in comments

Side A –
King of England
Strange Romance
Not Fade Away
The Morning was Cold

Side B –
Name as Names
Love Lady
Big Guns Don’t Lie
Take a Picture

& while I’m enthralled by the voice of Arthur Brown, here’s a live show that just has everything going right for it.

Tracklist –
Time Captives
Master of the Universe
Gremlin-Time Confusion
The Watcher
Out of the Shadows
Chronoglide Skyway
The Right Stuff
Spirit of the Age
Take Me to Your Leader
Sun Ray
Hassan-i Sabbāh
Golden Void
Where are They Now?
Angela Android
Silver Machine

Line up: Arthur Brown – vocals; Dave Brock - guitar, synthesizers & vocals;  Alan Davey - bass & vocals; Simon House - keyboards & violin: Richard Chadwick - drums & electronic percussion.  Recorded by Arthur Brown collaborator & Hawkwind’s other some time vocalist Robert Calvert.



  1. Speaknotech
    Live at Carling

  2. Spooky! I was JUST THIS MINUTE listening to a reissue of Craig Leon's Nommos / Visiting album - flipped to your fascinating blog and THERE HE WAS apparently having worked with Arthur Brown (whod'a thought !) As I have never in my life heard any of his music before, I am now somewhat fearing a Craig Leon Wave - I think it must already be happening. Yikes! Thanks for being there - Michael

    1. First off, thank you so much for your high praise of this here lowly outpourings. Synchronicity is always such a groove, but have no fear of a CL Wave. It could just possibly was away all our sins. Thanks for VISITING (see, it's happening again).

  3. Me and Anon must follow the same blogs... Nommos / Visiting have just gone up on Exy.

    Thanks for these.


    1. Yes, Christopher - you got it in one. How else can one at least maintain the pretence of keeping head above water in the deluge of "essential" music. Peace - Michael