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03 August 2014

Delos Gunslinger

Posting this after a comment on the T.R.A.C. bootlrg from lost sibling Ib from the Bleachers, who is now once more found. This was produced by Mick Jones, so another T.R.A.C. connection.

Theatre of Hate – Westworld, Burning Rome Records TOH 1, 1982.
decryption code in comments

Side A –
Do You Believe in the West World
Judgement Hymn
Love is a Ghost
The Wake

Side B –
The New Trail of Tears
The Klan

Here TOH is: Kirk Brandon – vocals & guitar; John 'Boy' Lennard – saxophone & clarinet; Stan Stammers – bass; & Luke Rendle – drums.

Westward Ho,


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  2. Thank you, brother NØ !

    Did not have it, though I remember it well(ish). Westworld. What a great film it was, too. I love old movie posters, and the way they inevitable spilled over into paperback cash-ins.

  3. I ya like it, I've got more TOH. Just ley me know.

  4. Awesome album - I think I've got all the official releases by TOH but you could surprise me with demos or unreleased tracks. A fine band - great live too.

    1. I have: Peel Sessions 1980, 1981, & 1982; Live at Stevenage 1980; & He Who Dares Live at the Warehouse, Leeds 1981. If you are interested in any of these, let me know.