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06 August 2014

Don't Laugh, You're Next

Mannequin Beach was a Lincoln, Nebraska-based punk trio Mannequin Beach from 1988 to 1989. They only recorded one album, Don’t Laugh, You’re Next for San Francisco’s great Mordam Records.

It’s a powerful slab of vinyl filled with dark, emotional singing& lyrics with creatively imaginative songs featuring some crazy-good guitar playing.

Maybe the fact that they were from the middle of Nowhere, USA aided their quick decline. Maybe it was the D.I.Y. album cover with photos of road-kill on the front. Whatever the reason, they should have done more. A truly unique sound that I think a lot of people should really like.

Mannequin Beach was: Danny Belick – vocals & guitar; Jeff Straudinger – bass; & Randy Krause – drums (Krause would later play on several Helios Creed projects).

Mannequin Beach – Don’t Laugh, You’re Next, Mordam Records MDR6, 1988.
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Side A –
Behind Your Back
Ways & Means
Sudden Death Wish
Send Me Flowers

Side B –
Time to Lose
Spoiled on War
This Nightmare’s for Real
Street Life
Time to Call the Vote
Money Hungry Whore
Get to Know Your Graveyard

bonus tracks (featuring Randy Krause – drums) –
Helios Creed – The Warning 7”, Amphetamine Reptile Records scale33, 1991.
included with Don't Laugh
Side A – The Warning
Side B – Your Spaceman


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