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02 August 2014

Letting the Beast outta the Box

Latest Manchester installment...

Luxuria was a British pop music band made up of vocalist Howard Devoto (formerly of Buzzcocks & Magazine) along with instrumentalist Norman Fisher-Jones, aka Noko. The band was active in the late 80s & early 90s. Devoto & Noko met through Pete Shelley. In 1987 they formed Luxuria & signed to Beggars Banquet. The following year they released their debut album Unanswerable Lust. Their second & final album Beast Box was released in 1990. Beast Box has since been re-released by Cherry Red bundled with Unanswerable Lust & various B-sides & unreleased tracks in 2011 but is again out of print.

On Beast Box, Luxuria is: Howard Devoto – vocals & keyboards & Noko – backing vocals, guitar, bass, viola, & banjo with Dave Formula – organ, piano, & harmonica; James Gardner – piano, strings, & accordion; Richard Jefferies – double bass; Lucy Gilmour – cello; Jonathan S. Podmore – violin; Mark Sanderson – bass; Simon Hoare – drums; & some vocal assist by the Wanton Homage Glee Club.

Luxuria – Beast Box, Beggars Banquet BEGA106, 1990.
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Side One –
The Beast Box is Dreaming
Stupid Blood
Against the Past
Our Curious Leader
We Keep on Getting There

Side Two –
Animal in the Mirror
Dirty Beating Heart
Smoking Mirror
I've Been Expecting You
Beast Box



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