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24 August 2014

Twenty-two Zombies Later

Well, I haven’t spent much time staring at this screen this weekend. A buncha my friends dropped by & magically it turned into a Tiki Weekend. We’ve been keeping the Mai Tais & Zombies flowing. For a while I was DJ’ing with some style, but as the hours & drinks added up, I stuck these two CDs on random play & got to relax with everyone else. & I didn’t get any complaints, so I’m posting these here for you. Mix up some drinks & enjoy.

Comfort Stand Recordings csr001, 2003.
decryption code in comments

CD One –

Br. Cleve & His Lush Orchestra - Shaken Not Stirred
Eric & Ryan Kilkenny - Bongo Avenger
Marble - Wah Factor 3
Philip Jackson - Nature Boy
Jeff Chenault & Andrew Izold - Exotica Revisited
Tipsy - Kitty's Daydream (Longhair mix)
Scotch & Soda (Max McMillan) - The Lonely Bull
Don Tiki - The Natives are Restless
Jack Fetterman & the In Hi-Fi Music Direction - Acapulco 2000
The Weird Lovemakers - Quiet Spillage
Skip Heller's Hot Seven - Spy Perfume
Otis Fodder - Brilliant Pillows (Many Moons)
Astroslut - Love Theme from Astroslut
Der Plan - Jungle Village
Misty Roses - Up in Flames
Künstler Treu - If Jesus Came
Sem Sinatra - Toryansay

CD Two –

Mr. Melvis - A Walk Through the Powerhouse
Weirdomusic - Fiber, Ruler of Pinakel
djfreshmoney - Whammo
Dana Countryman - Cocktails in Space
Jan Fornell - Drift
Bruce Lenkei - Moonlight Zombie Dance
Bumpenstein - Fuad Motel
Narcotic Syntax - Pingpong Voodoo
Hybe - Venom
Impro – Farid, Astronauts from Maghreb
Black Sash - You People
Mental Anguish/NOMUZIC - Blissful in Enchantro
Songs to Drink & Drive By - Walk on By
Magnus Sandberg - Island Knockin'

Bottoms Up,


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  2. Very cool compilation....

  3. Had these at one point but they went the way of all things. Good to have 'em again. Thanks as always.