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28 August 2014

Freak Of Nature

I threatened a visitor here at NSS that’d I’d post up some Art of Noise. Well, when AON started out, a lot of folks were like, “WTF” but soon they were being sampled by a whole new bevy of bands on what seemed like a daily basis.

Now with this great remixes release, it has all come full circle. The bands & artists that were sampling AON are now paying tribute with their own unique versions. I hope you all enjoy.

Art of Noise – The FON Mixes 2x12” 45s, China Records WOL1023, 1991.
decryption code in comments

Record One _

Side One –
Instruments of Darkness (Prodigy mix)
Shades of Paranoimia (Carl Cox mix)
Roller 10 (Rhythmatic mix)
Side Two –
Yebo (Mark Gamble mix)
Back to Backbeat (Robert Gordon mix)
Dragnet & Peter Gunn Have a Day at the Races (Mark Gamble mix)
I of the Needled (Sweet Exorcist [Richard H. Kirk] mix)

Record Two –

Side Three –
L.E.F. (Mark Brydon mix)
Legs (Graham Massey mix)
Catwalk (Ground mix)
Side Four –
Ode to a O.J. (Mark Gamble mix)
Crusoe (LFO mix)
The Art of Slow Love (Youth mix)
No Sun (Mark Gamble mix)

Dance like you mean it...what's the matter???Afraid of the Art of Noise???


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  2. Scared to death!!! This is one that has always evaded me. I did once come face-to-face with a European cassette in a local second hand music shop but I was too suspicious of it's condition to buy it. Finally, a chance to hear it! Many thanks.


    1. You are most welcome. Anything else???